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3 Shocking Developments on The Secret Circle’s “Witness” 

Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW


1. Magic didn’t kill the members of the Circle back in the day. The Witch Hunters did.

Cassie traveling into Jake’s memories to uncover what happened on the fateful day their parents died successfully delivered a serious amount of drama. We got to see what some of the parents looked like back then including Jake (and Nick’s) mom and dad. We also found out that 16 years ago it wasn’t the Circle’s greed and thirst for power along with their out-of-control magic that did many of them in. It was the Witch Hunters that murdered them. This brutal revelation was particularly devastating news for Jake, who not only lost both parents that day; the Witch Hunters had since manipulated him into turning against the current Circle. They fed him false information, and as a result, he could have done permanent harm to Cassie. Thankfully, it never got that far. As viewers, we’re always hoping the powers that be will unveil their secrets slowly but surely. They did a good job with this one. We didn’t suspect, so when we found out about the slayings it was truly shocking. 2. John Blackwell is still alive.

Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CWÂ

When news of the casting for the key role of Cassie’s dark magic-making dad hit press, we figured John Blackwell was alive and well. So this doozy of a secret might not be as big of a shocker to TSC viewers but it certainly was to Cassie and Jake. It turns out those wicked witch hunters tried to burn Blackwell at the stake à la the Salem witch trial days. They are the ones who started the deadly fire that burned some of the parents alive. However, the fire didn’t touch Cassie’s dad. Blackwell used his magic — and that mysterious amulet — to save himself. That necklace seemed to protect him from harm.

Now Cassie has her father’s amulet and the knowledge that her dad is still alive. If she finds him, a couple things can happen: 1. He can help her channel her powers so she can become more comfortable with them (if that’s what she wants). 2. We can find out who the other Balcoin/Blackwell is. Remember, back in the mid-season finale, we found out he has another child in the Circle. There’s someone else that can potentially go all dark magic on Chance Harbor. Another bit of a shock to us? How Cassie seemed to be in awe of her dad’s supernatural skills. That might not bode well for a Cassie that stays pure. She may have more of the darkness in her than we thought.

3. Ethan rises up against Charles.

Photo Credit: Sergi Bachlakov/The CW

What in the world was going on with Ethan in “Witness?” Now that he’s sober, he has grown a pair. Dawn somewhat successfully uses him to get a crystal away from Charles. She plays the “he choked me” card and Ethan falls for it. So he channels some of the crystal’s power to get some payback with his once (and probably future) tormentor. In the series premiere, Ethan was on the business end of Charles’ magical spell. So when the positions are suddenly reversed, we’re not going to lie, it was kind of awesome. But it still has us worried about what’s going on with Ethan.

Not only did he get the upper hand with his sworn enemy, he didn’t let Dawn walk all over him. He didn’t let her walk off with the powerful crystal either. The principal thought she was smarter than Ethan but so far he’s holding on to it. He says just for the night but who knows if he’ll easily give it up. He knows he can’t trust her, right?

Something else we learned about Adam’s father was he was there on the boat with the other parents on that deadly day. He was mysterious and he wasn’t talking but he was there. And he lied about it to his son. Why? Things are getting interesting where Ethan is concerned. But we do have to say the adults need to get their s–t together. Right now they’re all trying to see who can out bully each other. If they really want to get something done than they need to work together. Or come up with one plan. They all seem to have their own agendas and they all seem to be on their own personal power trips.

Bonus Shocker: While Cassie was knee deep in Jake’s memories, a woman all of a sudden started talking to her and told her to go away. Who was she? Why was she able to see Cassie? When will we find out? Will we be seeing her in the present? As you can tell, this quick event has us asking lots of questions.

The Secret Circle returns with new episodes February 2 at 9/8c on the CW.

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