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An Imaginary Friend: Mark Pellegrino on Being Human and Supernatural 

Photo Credit: Syfy

Any day I see Mark Pellegrino on my TV screen is a good day. I knew he was coming back to Being Human for an encore performance, but I thought it was strictly in flashback. Imagine my delighted surprise – although it’s really not good for Aidan at all – when he shows up in the present. Yes, he’s dead but that doesn’t mean he can’t be Aidan’s imaginary friend. 

It’s wildly appropriate that Bishop’s back in Aidan’s hour of need. Not only is Aidan conflicted about his progeny Henry, but he’s so drunk on blood he’s hallucinating again. And apparently he’s hallucinated before. The first time it was his wife, now it’s Bishop. Whether or not he can admit it to himself Aidan needs the help of his once beloved friend and maker. Let’s put aside the Suren issue and the drinking blood problem and just focus on the Henry dilemma. Not only have Suren and Aidan been ordered to take care of the orphans – who Henry seems to have aligned himself with – but they’re not actually getting very far. Suren and Aidan have tried to ferret them out of their nests, but Henry’s been their early warning system.

Photo Credit: Syfy

In “Mama Said There’d Be Decades Like This,” Aidan finds a nest on his own but he’s only interested in talking to Henry. Ever since Aidan first turned Henry, Bishop’s thought Henry had a touch of rebellion in him – just like Aidan. In the present Bishop tries to convince Aidan how much of a threat Henry’s become. He’s organizing Bishop’s vampire army and if Aidan doesn’t exert some control it’s going to be a problem. Aidan claims he can’t find Henry, but Bishop knows that’s not true. As Henry’s maker there is very little Aidan doesn’t know about Henry. It seems like Henry’s different – he’s less headstrong and more mature. Maybe his time in the shadows has taught him to think before he acts. When the time comes, Aidan can’t bring himself to kill his child. And even though Bishop had been urging him on this entire time, he’s not surprised Aidan isn’t able to go through with it.

“The father can never kill the son. Why work so hard to create something only to destroy it?

“The son always kills the father. You’ll see. I’ve never been so scared for you as I am now Aidan. This is a the proudest moment of your life – protecting your own. But it’ll be a moment that’ll haunt you forever.”

Ok, now I’m scared for Aidan too. If anyone knows what he’s talking about on this particular subject it’s Bishop.

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

On Supernatural, Mark Pellegrino plays a tormentor of a different kind. He’s Lucifer and he’s back to drive Sam crazy in “Repo Man.” At first, it seems like Lucifer isn’t getting that far with Sam. Sam’s able to ignore him or push on his scar to make Lucifer disappear. But the second Sam let’s him in, Lucifer’s around to stay. Sam won’t be able to fall back on his old tricks to keep Lucifer out of his head and that’s a very big problem. I mean, I’m sure we only got a very small taste of what Lucifer has in store for our Sammy. That demonstration in the library? Horrifying. But I have to say, Lucifer was there when Sam really needed him. Dean was MIA and Sam needed a partner. So while it’s hard to say Lucifer is completely evil (although he really is), he did help Sam find his brother. And I love Mark Pellegrino so I kind of want Sam to continue being tortured by him.

What is it about Mark Pellegrino that makes him so good at being so evil? He does play the nice guy role every once in a while – and I enjoy that. But when he’s bad, he is so much fun to watch. I hope we see more of him on both Being Human and Supernatural soon.

Being Human airs Mondays at 9/8c on Syfy. Supernatural airs Fridays at 9/8c on the CW.

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