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First Watch: Teen Wolf 

Photo Credit: MTV

I don’t know what is it about high school shows, but I love them. Maybe it’s the angst. Maybe it’s the struggling to find out who you’re going to be. Maybe it’s the raging hormones that make you do crazy things. Whatever the reason, I like to give them a shot. And while I had some issues with the Teen Wolf pilot, I’m more than willing to give it a second (and third and fourth) look.

Photo Credit: MTV

Tyler Posey is so freaking adorkable as lycanthrope-in-training Scott McCall. I actually had to look up his age to make sure crushing on him wasn’t a crime. It’s not. He plays timid and unsure of himself so well but he also gets those great flashes of self-confidence. He’s a character I definitely want to get to know better.

As pilots go, I thought this was a decent effort. I have some issues I’m willing to overlook for the time being. I like the set up of Tyler Hoechlin‘s Derek as Scott’s mentor/guide. I thought it was so interesting when Derek told Scott his bite is a gift. That’s a new spin that should make this an interesting story. And he’s easy on the eyes. I also like there are werewolf hunters (something new to me) in town and the leader of that group just happens to be Allison’s dad. Talk about great conflict. As Scott continues to learn more about his new ancestry and deal with and try to control his gifts, it will be interesting to see how much he reveals to Allison and to his best friend Stiles.


Who doesn’t know the word “lycanthropy” but knows the word “litigious?” First of all, there’s a Shakira song called She Wolf that uses the word lycanthropy. I feel like any red-blooded boy would know the word if he knows who Shakira is.

Where are Scott’s parents? He always seems to be home alone. We had a very brief (albeit pretty funny) scene with his mom. What’s the story there? Is his dad around?

Dylan O’Brien needs to tone his performance down just a bit. I like that Scott has such a spastic friend but he’s overdoing it.

What do you think of the series so far? I’ll weigh in again when I catch up on episodes two and three.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9 c.

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