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Castle Heartbreak: Beckett’s Secret is Out, “47 Seconds” 

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/ABC

While the case was brutal and it upped the emotion for all involved in the investigation (including Alexis), it was also responsible for a huge OMG moment that Beckett doesn’t even know occurred. We knew it was coming, but that didn’t make it any less painful to watch unfold.

During the questioning of a suspect in the bombing of an Occupy Wall Street protest (although the Castle writers didn’t use “occupy” they used “takeover”), Beckett couldn’t understand why this guy was crying temporary amnesia. He said he was in shock but she wasn’t buying it. Meanwhile, Castle walked into the precinct all happy-go-lucky because he’d already made the decision to let his feelings for Beckett known. Finally. He was carrying a couple coffees and he had a bounce in his step. He headed over to the box to watch Kate in action. And when the suspect tried to use the excuse that he couldn’t remember because of the trauma, that’s when Kate let loose a damaging revelation:

Beckett: “Do you want to know trauma? I was shot in the chest. And I remember every second of it.”

The hurt on Castle’s face as he heard Beckett confess she remembered everything — which included his declaration of love — was just devastating. He immediately left the station and met up with Martha to lick his wounds. They were at the sight of the bombing where a memorial was created to remember those that died during the protest. The conversation between mother and son was just so sad:

Martha: “Oh, Richard. Really. A bomb memorial? Come on, honey. Isn’t this kind of morbid?”
Castle: “It’s how I’m feeling.”
Martha: “She isn’t dead.”
Castle: “She might as well be. I really thought we could have a future together. You know I was — I was willing to wait. Come to find out…it’s all just a big joke. She knew. This whole time, she remembered. And she didn’t say anything. Because she was embarrassed…because she doesn’t feel the same way. I’m such a fool.”

Ouch. Something else was blown up in this episode and it was Beckett and Castle’s relationship. Things were going so well. Castle was ready to make his move. The whole episode, there were these little moments where you could just tell Beckett was opening herself up to the possibility of sharing something deeper with her partner. There were little things she was saying to back that up too. In the wake of the bombing, she told Castle: “It makes you think about all those things in your own life that you don’t want to put off anymore.” That’s the sign of a woman ready to discard her issues and her baggage. She wants Castle. It’s so clear. Too bad it isn’t so clear to Castle.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/ABC

Rick wasn’t about to run away from his responsibilities. He went back to the precinct to work the rest of the case. But, already, Beckett knew something was going on. Castle shut down — his walls were up. He was all business. In the end, he figured out it was the ambitious reporter that triggered the bomb. The guy she was working with, who was a leader of the Takeover! Wall Street movement, died in the blast. So, she got tagged with everything. As for Beckett and Castle, their work relationship is intact — for now. As for anything more, well, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

From the looks of the sneak peek for the next episode, there’s going to be some acting up going on — on Rick’s part. And Kate and Lanie are going to have a little girl talk that, of course, will revolve around Castle. Let’s all pray that Beckett and Castle will be able to pick up the remnants of their relationship and build something that’s even stronger. Keeping secrets is never good. When revealed, they tend to cause mass destruction. And, remember, Castle’s still holding on to a secret that, hopefully, won’t cause an even bigger explosion. What happened in “47 Seconds” was painful enough.

Castle airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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