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Catching up on America’s Next Top Model 

Photo credit: Mathieu Young/The CW

Ann is a beast and I mean that as a compliment. There is something so awkward and shy and uncomfortable about her when she’s not in makeup and in front of the camera. But once she “turns it on” I don’t think she can be stopped. Five wins in a row? Damn.

She’s my favorite.

I caught up on the last three episodes last night. Here are my thoughts:

“Matthew Rolston”

None of the girls like Kacey; they think she’s fake. Ouch.

The Knott’s Berry Farm/roller coaster challenge is difficult, especially for Chris who doesn’t think she’ll be able to get on the ride. Liz wins and picks Chris and Kayla to join her at a shoot with Tyra.

For the elimination challenge they’re back at Smashbox. There are millions of dollars worth of jewels there from Martin Katz, Neil Lane, and Mikimoto. They will be undersea goddesses for the day. Photographer Matthew Rolston evaluates each girl before hair & makeup. I’m impressed with how involved he is with every step of this process.

Bonus: Chris says if you don’t know who Matthew Rolston is you’re stupid.

Winner: Ann

Going home: Rihanna. She’s not a chameleon.

“Karolina Kurkova”

2nd street tunnel/runway challenge. A moving runway is so dangerous. I don’t know what they’re thinking for this challenge. Kacey wins but none of the other girls are happy for her.

This week’s main challenge is with Lucha la Voom. The girls will be paired up with wrestlers for their photos. How fun! The photographers are a father/son team known as Brahka x 2. They want to see beautiful madness.

Winner: Ann

Going home: Lexie. She’s got a unique look but maybe she’s not ready yet.

“Patrick Demarcheilier”

Ann’s really happy in the house and on the show. She feels pretty. Awww. I’m so glad to hear her say that.

For the Walmart/Cover Girl challenge the girls need to educate the public. The prize is to shop the Cover Girl aisle in the store. Winner: Kacey. Lowest scorer: Ann.

Kacey, Kayla and Esther aren’t shy about shopping the aisle. I like a girl with a healthy appreciation for makeup.

This week’s challenge will be group shots on Rodeo Drive with stylist Lori Goldstein and photographer Patrick Demarcheilier. Two girls will be paired up with a guy except Chris who won’t have another girl in her shots. This challenge is difficult for a few girls because so many people are watching them and taking pictures. But it’s not about comfort and glamour, as Tyra reminds the girls. It’s about getting great shots.

It’s nice to see Kendall really come alive in this challenge and to see Jane so comfortable (and beautiful) in her group shots.

Winner: Ann, again. I’m still not mad at her.

Going home: Kacey. She’ll never get over this? Really? Stop being so dramatic.

I’m still so pleased with Cycle 15 – great photographers, stylists, designers, and “mentors” – and I’ll be live tweeting during next week’s show. I’d love to hear your thoughts now or whenever you want to share. I’ll be tweeting from @tvgoodness and @karahowlandTV.

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