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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from The Big Bang Theory “The Recombination Hypothesis” 

Photo Credit: Robert Voets/Warner Bros.

Leonard and Penny reunited after he asked her out on a date in The Big Bang Theory’s big 100th episode. Much of it was all in Leonard’s mind, of course, but the potential for more Leonard/Penny greatness is there since after all was said and done, he decided to ask his ex-girlfriend out anyway. Leonard’s thoughts were pretty detailed and full of one-liners weren’t they? Congrats to the cast and crew for reaching this milestone. There’s no doubt that this hit sitcom will be going on for at least a hundred more. Now for some of our favorite quotes:

Episode: “The Recombination Hypothesis”
Story: Chuck Lorre
Teleplay: Bill Prady & Steven Molaro

  • “Feel like trying something new for dinner? Maybe Indian? Tex-Mex?” “You ever wonder how humans would be different if they evolved from lizards instead of mammals?” “OK, let’s talk about that!”
  • “As you know, lizards, cold-blooded animals, lack the ability to sense temperature. But they do move more sluggishly when it’s cold so lizard weathermen would say things like: ‘Bring a sweater, it’s slow outside!’ I love my mind.”
Photo Credit: Robert Voets/Warner Bros.
  • “Oh! My life-size cardboard Mr. Spock is here. I know he wouldn’t care for an outburst of human emotion but oh goody, oh goody, oh goody.”
  • “You mean like a date?” “Not like a date. A date.” “Oooooohhhhhh!” “OK, sure.” “Ooooooohhhh!”
  • “Oh no, they sent the wrong Spock. Live long and suck it, Zachary Quinto!”
  • “You just can’t handle her raw sexuality, can you?”
  • “You can make-believe, though. Sometimes Howard and I pretend that his arrhythmia is acting up and I’m his sexy cardiologist. And the naughty part is, I’m not in his HMO network.”
  • “Hmm…I want to build a road but I need wood. Either you fellows have wood? I don’t understand the laughter.”
  • “Now I have sheep. I need wood. Who has wood for my sheep?”
  • “Sarcasm?” “No.” “All right then.”
  • “Now where were we? Oh yes. Does anyone have any wood?” (laughter) “Come on! I just want wood. Why are you making it so hard?”
  • “I am an experimenal physicist at Cal Tech. Most of my research is with high-powered lasers. Oh I’ve just gotten a big government grant to see if they can be used to knock out incoming ballistic missiles.” “Wow. Can they?” “Oh God no. The money’s pretty good. And I used the equipment to make my own bat signal.” “Bat signal? What are you? Some kind of nerd?” “Not some kind of nerd. I am the king of nerds.”
  • “You are so funny.” “Good. Remember that when I take my shirt off.”
  • “Hey, I went out with this guy, TJ, for eight months. We never talked. To this day I don’t even know what TJ stands for.”
Photo Credit: Robert Voets/Warner Bros.
  • “And now that I have some wood, I’m going to begin the erection of my settlement.” “He’s got to be doing this on purpose.”
  • “Now back to our game.” “You were in the middle of an erection.” “Oh, of course. It’s right here in my hand.”
  • “So what do you want to do now?” “Well, I want to go get my asthma inhaler but it might ruin the moment.”
  • “What if I dump you?” “Come on, be serious.”
  • “Leonard will be here in a moment. He’s looking for a different parking space.” “Why?” “We were next to a car with an ‘ask me about my grandchildren’ bumper sticker. And I was afraid if we ran into them on the way out I’d be obligated to do so.”
  • “I’m so disappointed it didn’t work with him and Penny.” “Me too. Out of deference to them, let’s not flaunt our happy relationship.” “You have a keen insight into the human heart, Amy Farrah Fowler.”
  • “We are next to a Subaru with a Gore-Lieberman bumper sticker.” “Well, I doubt they’d want to talk about that so we’re fine.”
  • “I don’t know if I could be friends with Howie if we broke up.” “Why not?” “I’m a very vengeful person.” “Really?” “With access to weaponized small pox.”
  • “You know why we can’t be together? Because you always have to be right.” “That is not true.” “I gotta go with Leonard on this. He is wrong more than anyone I know.”
  • “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” “Isn’t sex after fighting kind of what we do now?” “Yeah, it kind of is.”
  • “Why would I feel safe with Zachary Quinto at the foot of my bed?” “I don’t know. He was pretty badass in Heroes.” “You’re right. I’ll give him a shot.”
  • “Have you thought this through?” “Yes and I think we should go anyway.”
  • “No. Can’t do it. Sorry Quinto. You’re going back.”

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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