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Secrets and Lies on Person Of Interest “Legacy” 

Photo Credit: CBS

With the kind of work Reese and Finch do, neither one of them is a stranger to bending or breaking the law. One of the reasons their partnership works so well is because the numbers don’t lie (see what I did there?) and they can rely on each other completely to make sure the innocent are protected and the guilty are punished. But what happens when they start keeping secrets for each other? What happens when there are parts of their lives – that they deem irrelevant to doing their jobs – that they don’t or won’t share with their partner? How will that effect the people in their immediate orbit? When and how will these secrets catch up with them?

1. Finch is trying to keep his private life private. What is the long term cost of keeping secrets and telling lies? For Reese, I think that life has turned him into the type of person who has to know everything whether or not you want him to. At least, everything he deems mission critical. And because he’s Finch’s partner everything is relevant. Of course, he and Finch haven’t been working together that long but every attempt by Reese to glean more information about Finch has been thwarted. It isn’t until “Legacy,” that Reese’s investigation into his mysterious partner actually starts going somewhere. Is it wrong for me to feel like Reese is invading Finch’s privacy? And to pull Fusco into this deception just ups the stakes. When (not if) Finch finds out about this I think there’s going to be a reckoning. On the other hand, it seems like Finch knows everything about everyone including Reese. Turnabout is fair play. You can’t keep delving into other people’s secrets if you don’t want anyone to know yours. Just saying.

2. If you can’t trust your partner on the force, who can you trust? Carter and Fusco’s partnership is all surface at this point. Fusco has sort of been forced on Carter but I like where this relationship is going, especially since Fusco seems to be on the straight and narrow now. I think Reese is wise to keep these two “assets” in the dark. When (not if) they find out about each other it’s going to cause lots of problems. Carter will want to know why Fusco’s been working with Reese and Finch longer than she has. She’s a great cop so she’s bound to dig up Fusco’s past as a dirty cop. And what will Fusco knowing about Carter do to her at the precinct? I’m sure Carter wants to keep something like this private and anyone knowing about her extracurricular actitives puts her and her son in danger.

Photo Credit: CBS

3. Carter’s first duty as a cop is to protect and serve. Words cannot express how excited I am that Carter’s working with Reese and Finch now. But in order to do her part, Carter has to constantly be watching her back. There’s still so much she doesn’t know about Reese and Finch or about what they do, but she’s willing to shake her CIA tail to work with them. As someone who’s moral and extremely conscientious, I wonder how long Carter can keep up this charade. She’s keeping things from Fusco – which is really smart at this point – and she’s accessing police files that she really has no business looking at. How long will the CIA put up with her dodging them? And will her continued association with Reese and Finch ultimately change her? I think she’s doing the right thing but can she live with some of the collateral damage her association with Reese and Finch creates?

Person of Interest airs Thurdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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