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Hallmark Channel “Honeymoon For One” Preview (VIDEO) 

I love, love, love Nicollette Sheridan, and I’ve missed her not being on TV. After a two-year hiatus, she’s back in a new Hallmark Channel movie called Honeymoon for One that premiered tonight and repeats tomorrow. I adored it. It was an utterly charming way to spend two hours. The plot is romance-by-the-numbers about a cheated-on near-bride who finds love in Ireland when she embarks on her honeymoon by herself. It’s cheesy and lovely and sweet, and I was just smiling through most of it because somebody had the good grace to cast Nicollette in a role where she could laugh and be goofy and have fun. It doesn’t hurt that she has a very easy chemistry with the equally lovely Greg Wise. Check it out when it repeats on Sunday at 1 pm and 9 pm ET, or DVR it for later when you need a little confectionary TV.

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