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The Nine Lives of Chloe King “Beautiful Day” 

Photo Credit: ABC Family

You may want to back up a scoche because I’m about to be a bitch on a rant. ABC Family is pretty blatant in tipping its hand about which shows it supports and which shows it doesn’t, yet they still like to string viewers along now and again. At the recent Television Critics Association gathering, the network wouldn’t commit to whether The Nine Lives of Chloe King will be back next season, but I’m going to guess that it won’t.

Why? Because despite its ability to repeatedly marathon Switched at Birth, Pretty Little Liars, and Secret Life of the American Teenager, it’s NOT marathoning 9LOCK before the season finale airs Tuesday night. That’s right, no second chance for you to power load the episodes you’ve missed or the show to hook new viewers before the finale airs. Also, if you’ve loved the show, watch or DVR the finale when it airs at 9 pm ET on Tuesday, because it’s not repeating.

I’ve really enjoyed the show, but it hasn’t been appointment TV for me, and therein lies the problem. It’s easy to overlook ten episodes in a busy summer of original programming. 9LOCK averages about 1.38 million viewers vs. 2.5 million+ for the other ABCF dramas. I just wish ABCF would give the show time to grow–9LOCK is about 320K shy of the numbers Teen Wolf, which has been renewed, averages on MTV, but those numbers mean more to MTV than ABCF.

I could be wrong about a second season–if co-producer Alloy TV kicked enough coin to ABC Family to make it worth their while, it could happen (total conjecture on my part). Or, they could toss it to Teen Nick, which could use another drama series–and they’d go bonkers for 1.38 million viewers (Degrassi pulls just under a million).

I hope we’ll get a DVD set since they spent the money on a new book tie-in. At the very least, I am grateful that the whole season was allowed to air vs. falling prey to the shenanigans parent company ABC pulls of dropping shows mid-run. So, thanks for that, ABC Family. And thanks to the cast and crew for a kicky first season. I hope y’all get a chance to do a second!

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