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Justified “Full Commitment” 

Photo Credit: FX

Where to begin? Last week’s episode was way down the rabbit hole in Harlan as Dickie made good on his promise to be a threat, and Raylan made no bones about telling Gary to disappear.

We begin with Raylan and Winona being protected by Tim and Rachel, respectively, in the aftermath of last week’s shootout. We start at the Marshal’s office, where Gary storms in raging that all the shenanigans were Raylan’s fault. Art throws Gary out and sends Winona and Rachel out, too, while Tim walks him out to the elevator.

So, Winona and Rachel are at her house (with Gary) and Tim’s assigned to Raylan to keep him out of harm’s way/from inflicting any additional harm. Art also adds that if Raylan does anything to warrant it, Tim has his permission to shoot Raylan, which gets a thumbs up from Tim (hee!). When they land at the motel, Raylan and Tim sort of agree that at some point Raylan is going to ditch him, and Tim drops a little innuendo that he finds that arousing (Raylan comments that they’ve both been warned, so is that confirmation from the maybe brief glimpse in the bar earlier this season that Tim is gay? I was confused.).

Raylan calls Miami to see if this was a case of the Miami drug goon coming after him and is told that’s highly unlikely–that it’s more likely Kentucky Mafia. Raylan shakes Tim while they’re at the local convenience store and makes his way to Mags, who is repainting her store. Seems the locals have heard about her selling them out and have graffit’d the store in return. Raylan asks if she was behind it, and she says no, per Helen, there will be no action on her part for his role in killing Coover. About this time, Doyle and the law show up, along with a pissed-off Tim, and they all mark the ground a bit before Mags tells her son to let them go.

On the Boyd and Ava front, they’ve moved to the boudoir and Ava tells Boyd she can abide all of his business practices except whores–and he grudgingly agrees he’ll forego prostitution as a revenue stream. Ava doesn’t say it, but it made me wonder if part of her history with the first Crowder brother involved her being sold for services.

Boyd and Johnny go see Arlo to get his buy in on stealing Dickie’s crops. He comes along and his limp is a tell that Dickie catches–even though all the men are masked. Boyd’s crew lets the Memphis client keep his drugs but they clean Dickie out and then head deeper into the hills to wait for the hammer to fall. And it does fall. First, Dickie enacts a permanent workforce reduction when two of his cronies try to bail after the robbery, and then he takes along the lone surviving team member to pay a visit to Helen while Arlo’s in hiding with Boyd. Despite her trusty shotgun, by all appearances, Dickie kills her in her kitchen. (Dammit!)

Back at Winona and Gary’s, Gary’s being entirely too accommodating and friendly. As they all start to retire for the evening, Raylan interrupts a man surveilling the house/peeing in the hedge, and that leads him straight back to creepy Wynn Duffy. Raylan hauls Gary in front of Wynn after staging a call and tells both of them he knows Gary ordered a hit on him, and that if anybody tries that crap again, he’s coming back to finish it. Then he walks Gary out and pretty much tells him to find another continent. He returns home and Tim’s pissed at being left again. He asks if Raylan killed Gary, or anybody, and he says no, and Tim’s satisfied the evening wasn’t a total loss.

And that’s the run-up to tonight!

We had a little sweet moment with Ava and Helen where Ava was awaiting outside while the menfolks chatted, and she gave Ava prescient advice that sort of backfired–telling her if you really don’t know what’s going  on, you can’t be forced to reveal it. She likely didn’t count on them just killing her anyway. Loved the character of Helen, and the actress, Linda Gehringer. Disappointed to see her go. She seemed to be having a ball.

We’ll have to see who Raylan sides with in all this–his badge or his family. Two episodes left!

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