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Moment of Goodness

Nurse Jackie’s Moment of Goodness: Coop’s Reaction to His Parent’s Breakup, “Rat Falls” 

Photo Credit: Showtime

I don’t know how I keep forgetting that Cooper has two moms. When I think of gay parents I like to think their offspring grow up to be awesome. Maybe Coop is the exception that proves the rule. In any case, he’s so excited to have brunch with them at The Boathouse. I mean, he can’t even keep his excitement in check. He’s taking pictures and barely able to stay in his seat. So when they tell him they’re spliting up, it’s fair to say Coop is surprised. So surprised he cries on Jackie’s shoulder later. Yup, that’s my moment of goodness.

I have to give Jackie props for not shaking him off. We know how she is. Just earlier in the episode she got in trouble for blowing Thor off, and Jackie actually likes him. So when Jackie asks Coop if he’s ok and then he actually thinks it’s ok to cry it out…I gotta say I loved it. But let me backtrack for a moment. The last time we met Coop’s folks, one half of the couple was played by Blythe Danner. I heard she had a conflict and couldn’t reprise her role so instead we get Judith Light. I love Judith Light so I can’t be mad or disappointed. Coop’s other mother remains the awesome, the amazing Swoosie Kurtz. (She is seriously undervalued over at Mike & Molly. Yep, I said it). Just seeing these two legends of the small screen on the same show is exciting. I loved the way they played the scene. I mean, they were on the screen for no more than five minutes and they made lasting impression.

Now back to Coop. He’s a total man-child but it’s hard to see him so devastated. He’s done so many douche-y things so maybe this is karma smacking him really hard in the butt. Maybe he’ll try to be a better person so good things will come back to him… Yeah, who am I kidding. I like Coop just the way he is.

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