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Character Development: Superintendent Colvin Gets a New Security Detail, The Chicago Code 

Warren Kole

It’s about time Superintendent Colvin got someone to replace her driver/security guy Manny Montana‘s Antonio Betz, who died in second episode of the series. Officer Bidwell edges out two other candidates because of seniority, or so we’re led to think. Bidwell proves his worth in a number of ways but I’m most impressed my his powers of observation. He tells Colvin why he thinks he got the job: he was the only candidate with no wedding ring. Additionally, he won’t let her keep refusing a night detail. I think this one’s a keeper.

You may recognize Warren Kole from recent stints on 24, Mental, NCIS: LA, or Rizzoli & Isles. He’s new to me and he impressed me. I like what we found out about his background – two tours in Iraq, not tied down, won’t let Colvin get away with her usual antics. I like him; he’s exactly what Colvin needs to keep her safe. And it’s a big deal that Colvin finally got around to replacing Antonio. She was deeply attached to that kid and devastated when he was killed protecting her. If memory serves, she arrested Antonio when she was a detective and helped get him on the straight and narrow. Because of her he became a cop and made something out of his life – before he got killed, that is. I feel like she’s already got a connection with Bidwell and it’s nice to know someone other than Wysocki has her back. I hope she lets her guard down enough to let Bidwell in. There aren’t many people she can just trust, let alone trust with her life. This could be the start of something special.

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