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Justified: 3 Questions That Need to Be Answered in Season 3 

Photo Credit: FX

First of all, let me just say something: That was a great season finale. Much like season 1, there was a high body count and some of the people who took a bullet were surprising. But I am intensely satisfied by the close of this superlative season. Not only was I surprised (like Raylan) by Winona’s pregnancy, but I was gratified and relieved when Art and the rest of the Marshals came to Raylan’s aid. I had a sneaking suspicion Mags would do something drastic after learning Doyle was dead and I wasn’t disappointed there. Dickie’s mighty quick with his gun but I didn’t expect him to take aim at Ava. But most of all, I have three burning questions that will sustain me until the premiere of season 3. I can’t wait to see how the writer’s give us the answers:

1. What’s going to happen to Winona and Raylan? Winona drew her line in the sand tonight and Raylan crossed it. Even though she’s pregnant I don’t think she’ll stay with Raylan just for the sake of that kid. She has to make sure it’s right for herself and for them as a couple. Will Winona even want to stay local or will she need to physically get some distance as well. I personally don’t want to see Natalie Zea leave the show but Winona’s got some very tough questions to ask herself. I’m looking forward to seeing her struggle with those answers.

Photo Credit: FX

2. Is Ava ok? And whether or not she is, how will Boyd exact his revenge? I was so surprised that Dickie actually shot Ava. Or, perhaps, more surprising was the fact that he didn’t finish the job. He had to have known how Boyd was going to react. I want him to hurt Dickie for hurting Ava. I’m very attached to her. Even though I don’t think Boyd is very good for her health I want to see her happy and Boyd seems to do that. I feel certain that free-clinic doctor is going to feature in the next season and I like that. He’d better do a good job fixing her up, though, if he wants to keep breathing. And what about Dickie? Boyd can get to him in prison especially since Doyle and Mags are now out of the picture. He’d better watch his back.

3. Now the Marshals have shown they’ve got Raylan’s back, does he have theirs? I was really worried about Art and Raylan. I’ve loved their somewhat difficult relationship of late and I think there is still so much Raylan can learn from Art. I really didn’t think Art would come through – even after Winona asked so nicely – so it was a relief when they came through when they did. Loyalty runs in Raylan’s blood – if not for family then for people who’ve been there for him – so he might feel like he owes something to Art. Doyle totally had his number and Raylan’s lucky to be alive. No matter what he said to Winona at the beginning of the episode, I don’t think there’s any way he’s leaving now.

What did you think of the episode? I loved the action, the unexpected surprises, and even the quiet moments in between the craziness. I really don’t know how they’re going to top this season but I feel certain they can. I look forward to that.

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