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Relationship Recap: Sean Turns to Seducing Alex to Get What He Wants on Nikita “London Calling” 

Another week, another great episode of Nikita. There are so many things about “London Calling” I could talk about but I’m obsessed with Sean and Alex right now.

Instead of analyzing their every scene together in “London Calling,” (which I still might do) maybe we’ll hit some highlights before talking specifics. I’ve been wanting a Sean/Alex hookup almost since Dillon Casey was introduced this season. I’m happy it’s in the works (certainly on Sean’s part), but I’m not as happy with the circumstances. I have to give the show credit for keeping me on my toes and doing something unexpected. I think I’d be less interested in this storyline if it was more straightforward.

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Sean knows Nikita’s weaknesses are the people she cares about and that includes Alex, who he plans to use as bait. He hopes the bond he forms with Alex will supercede the bond Alex has with Nikita so he can use her to take Nikita out. His mother cautions him, which is interesting. But she also asks him if he’s already got a connection with Alex. Even more interesting. Sean’s not about to answer his mother’s prying questions into his personal life but he is looking for a fast and easy exit from Division. He thinks Alex is his ticket.

My thoughts: I think it’s interesting that Sean is taking the seduction route. I’m probably being naive (which I’m just fine with, thank you very much), but I want to believe he chooses this option because he’s already got feelings for Alex. I know he wants to be done with Division and I know he thinks he needs Nikita gone for that. But any relationship based on a lie is going to be very hard to sustain. And while I think it might be healthy for Alex to have a relationship again, I want it to be a lasting one. I want Alex to be pursued because a guy likes who she is.


Sean catches Alex doing something for Percy and has no interest in turning her in. Sean understands family loyalty and knows what it feels like to have his family targeted for who they are, just like Alex. But Alex can’t believe he’d help her without wanting something in return so he asks for a kiss. She’s surprised. I love that he says the normal rules of attraction don’t apply to her. She kisses him on the hand and tells him he wasn’t specific about where the kiss should be.

My thoughts: I love that Alex chooses to kiss Sean on the hand. It would have been hotter (and I would have been much more satisfied) if that kiss was elsewhere but I’ll take what I can get. I love that Alex is unpredictable. I feel like that intrigues Sean. Maybe she thwarted his attempts – for now – to get closer to her but I think he’s up for this challenge.

Random thought: Remember when Sean told Alex he got a merit badge in lying after she calls him a boy scout? Part of me wants her to remember those words and protect herself. Part of me just wants to see where this goes. I know Alex can take care of herself but it is nice to see her happy every once in a while.

Nikita airs Fridays at 8/7c on the CW.

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