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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Bonnie’s “Resurrection” The Vampire Diaries “The Last Dance” 

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Call me a sap, a sucker, whatever you want. Even though I knew there was no way Bonnie was actually going to be dead, I still loved the moment she was resurrected. All episode long, she was a solid presence by Elena’s side. She promised to protect her at school; she begged Jeremy not to tell his sister about the consequences of using all her power to kill Klaus; she even defended her actions to Elena. Plus, she fought Klaus (wearing Alaric’s meat suit) and didn’t back down. Then she and Damon came up with the plan to make Klaus think she was dead. I really enjoyed the strength Bonnie exuded in “The Last Dance.” She was willing to go to extreme lengths to save her friend without question. And Damon was just as willing to let her. He likes Bonnie (you can tell); but he loves Elena.

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

What I loved most was the emotion that resulted after the “resurrection.” Poor Jeremy. I’m just glad he didn’t lose another significant other. Like he said earlier in the episode, he doesn’t have luck with girlfriends. Vicki — dead. Anna — also dead. You can’t blame him for wanting to do anything to prevent Bonnie’s imminent demise at the hands of Klaus. But, as the mere human that he is, all he could do was offer her his life-saving ring. Unfortunately, he finds out the ring would have no affect on her. But, post-resurrection, when Bonnie woke up in her new hideout, Jeremy was right there waiting for her. The two hugged and it was a really sweet, desperate moment with the two clinging to each other for dear life. This hug was interlaced with Damon telling Elena her best friend was OK.

In their safe house, Jeremy was able to hook internet up for Bonnie (thanks to some trusty product placement) and connected her with Elena. So happy Elena wasn’t mad at Bonnie for going above and beyond to try and save her. I really felt how close the two really are. Their bond is strong. Of course, Elena also had another plan up her sleeve to take the pressure off Bonnie. You can read all about that here in Kara’s Speculate This.

Photos Credit: Annette Brown/The CW
Photos Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

BONUS MINI-MOGs: I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get enough of Damon dancing with Elena and then Bonnie. Ian Somerhalder has chemistry with just about everyone, so it was entertaining to see the vibe he had with both Nina and Katerina. Damon and Elena were beyond cute as they danced — they looked amazing together; as for Damon and Bonnie — I thought their moves were decidedly steamier. Both dances were both really fun mini-moments of goodness.

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