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Relationship Recap: Linden and Holder Come to a New Understanding, The Killing “Stonewalled” 

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I’ve actually enjoyed the antagonistic and somewhat distrustful relationship Linden and Holder have had up until this episode. I’m not entirely convinced Linden can play nice with any partner so I’ve just accepted that theirs would be an adversarial partnership. I like it when partners aren’t on the same page and don’t necessarily have each others back. The drama it causes is always interesting. I’m glad Linden let her suspicious nature get the best of her. I’m glad she followed Holder. I’m glad she found out he’s a recovering addict. Now I feel like they can get on with the business of solving this case. Now they’re really starting to know each other.

And don’t think I’m complaining about how their investigation is progressing, because I’m not. I like that we’re getting a whole (cable) season devoted to solving this crime. I’m sure things never come together as quickly as almost all cases are portrayed on network television. And I appreciate that we’re getting to know Rosie Larsen’s family. It’s interesting to see how something like this really affects a family – or at least the portrayal of how something like this affects a family. The parents don’t know what to do, the kids are lost and wondering when things will get back to normal, and their friends and family just want to help but don’t know how. I don’t know what’s going on with Ahmed, but he’s an obvious red herring to me – at least for the murder. I hope Mitch doesn’t do anything to him. She will never forgive herself when the police find the real killer and it’s not him.

Which brings us back to Sarah and Stephen. I was shocked (but not entirely surprised) when Linden was informed about Jack’s bad behavior. I don’t think she could have predicted he would email the crime scene photos to all his friends but she knows her son isn’t happy. She knows he’s ready to move to California and start a new life with Rick, even though he was singing a much different tune just a week ago. Maybe he sees how this case is taking over Sarah’s life and wonders how important he is to her. Kids need constant attention and Jack probably feels like he’s getting almost none. If this is the only way he can get her attention (even if it’s negative attention), he’s going to do it.

It’s nice to learn a little more about Stephen because before tonight he’s been a bit of an enigma. He has seemed kind of shady and more than ready to take over the case, if only to screw it up. Or at least that’s how Sarah’s seen it before now. Now that she knows more of his backstory, I think she’ll finally be ready to hand this case over – after she teaches him a thing or two. I liked Holder’s initiative with the wire tap and I think that impressed Sarah too. Maybe this guy is going to make a good homicide detective after all. Something tells me Sarah will stick it out (whether anyone else in town wants her to or not) to solve this case. Now that she and Holder are on the same side I think they’ll get better results and possibly get them a little faster. Either way, I’m on board for the rest of this bumpy ride.

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