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It’s Just “Business” on House of Lies 

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I don’t know how I’m constantly surprised by the depths Marty Kaan will sink to. I know he isn’t emotionally healthy, but I thought he had a friend in The Rainmaker. I know he thought he was putting an end to the merger (and an end to Skip Galweather), when in fact he helped clear a path to make it happen. I thought he was actually having a surprisingly honest and refreshingly real moment with the bartender, when in fact he was just screwing Marco over. But it’s just business, right?

Photo Credit: Showtime

I didn’t think Marty was ready to start something real or serious with anyone this soon, but I honestly thought he was having a very nice moment with “Rosey.” It all starts out innocently enough when he tells her

“I think the only reason you’ve been talking to me is because you think I’m a decent person and if I start unpacking my soul you’re gonna… you’re gonna hate me.”

Then he goes on to give her a vague idea of his crappy day at work (and acknowledges that he probably deserved to be stabbed in the back), but I have to admit his words about Roscoe were getting to me.

“There’s a lot of pressing issues at work, but that’s how I want it because I know what I’m doing at work. And at home with him I don’t have a f*cking clue. I love him I really do. I love him so f*cking much and I’m just… I’m failing him and I know it and I can’t stop it.”

So he gets points for technically being honest? No, karma smacks him right in the ass on his drive home. And he deserves it.

Am I upset with Marty’s latest play? On some level I am, but on a deeper level I’m interested in seeing just how low he’ll go. He’s hurting from the loss of April, Marco’s surprising betrayal, and Roscoe’s silent treatment. And to top it all off Monica appears to be in a stable relationship with only her son’s best interests at heart. But that’s no excuse for his extremely bad behavior. Marco’s daughter is just collateral damage in a windup to the war Marty’s about to start. This is not gonna be pretty.

Moment of Goodness

Josh Lawson‘s Doug Guggenheim makes me laugh every single week. I love that he’s so passionate about his mix CDs and that Clyde and Jeannie give him sh*t about it. My favorite moment of the episode if when Doug, Clyde, and Jeannie come into Marty’s office after they’ve seen Skip take a dump in Marty’s briefcase. And when Doug chooses to see the bright side of the situation, Clyde denigrates Jackson Browne. It’s the last straw for Doug. He is so irate that I couldn’t help but laugh. They’ve got a very serious situation on their hands, but Doug’s so offended on Jackson Browne’s behalf that he has to say something. So funny.

The season finale of House of Lies airs Sunday at 10/9c on Showtime.

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