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BITE-Worthy Moment: Isobel Dies on The Vampire Diaries 

I guess “dies” isn’t technically accurate. She kills herself. And it’s kinda spectacular and dramatic. For most of last night’s episode (and for almost the entire time she’s been on this show), I haven’t been a fan, although I think Mia Kirshner‘s great. It seems like she’ll double-cross anyone and go to any lengths to get what she wants. Her few moments of emotional truth in this episode actually made me feel for her. And they were powerful moments. I think both Elena and hopefully Alarac (LOVE what’s going on there) will feel the effects of her words for a while. Don’t get we wrong; I’m glad Isobel’s gone nut her death is kinda bittersweet.

Isobel loved Rick. Right before she betrays him for the last time, she tells him she loved him. Really loved him. And her words really affect him. I guess I can’t completely hate Isobel (ok, yes I can) because Klaus compelled her to do what she did. Poor Ric. I really like where this is going though. I just hope we get the Ric we know and love back.

Isobel loved Elena. John tells us how devastated Isobel was when she had to give Elena up. She was the first girl he ever loved and when Isobel said she wanted to help keep Elena safe John believed her. I think Isobel was genuinely sorry to be such a disappointment to Elena. If all vampires remember what it’s like to be human I’m sure some part of her ached to get to know Elena and be there for her daughter.

Isobel betrays Katherine. Now that’s something I can get behind. Katherine is such a great wrench in the works wherever she goes. She can play the Salvatore brother’s against each other. She can pretend to be Elena (sometimes well, sometimes not) and really mess with Elena’s life and friends. She’s been a great villain. I want Klaus to get his hands on her, I just don’t know what I want him to do to her yet. I can’t wait for Joseph Morgan‘s debut.

What did you think of her demise?

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