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House of Lies “Our Descent Into Los Angeles” 

Photo Credit: Showtime

What can I say? I love that Principal Gita refuses to be intimidated by Marty Kaan. I love that Roscoe is true to himself no matter what. I love that Doug is so pathetic he ends up taking his landlady to see Wicked. And I kind of love that Jeannie is so freaked out by wedding stuff that she fakes a work call so she can get out picking a cake. This is a hugely dysfunctional cast of characters and I love every one of them. 

Marty and his pod are on the road Monday through Thursday. They go into the office on Friday, take the weekend to decompress, and then do it all again. I can’t imagine that kind of life, but it kind of makes me understand why these consultants are all so emotionally stunted. I wouldn’t want to be involved with any of them, but it’s so interesting to get a peek into their lives.

No one knows Jeannie’s engaged

I find it so interesting that she hasn’t told the guys that she just got engaged. She’s got a degree in Psychology; I wish her luck in pyschanalyzing herself about that. Not only does she get out of Marty’s weekend project – I loved it when she told him no – but she essentially gets out of some wedding duties as well. I think I might also have a panic attack if I encountered a couple like that in a cake shop. I wanted to gag. And also punch them.

Greg Norbert has a love/hate relationship with Marty

Although he’s looking to take Marty down, Greg just can’t help himself from going to Marty for advice. Even though he threatens to examine every deal they’ve done in the last two years in depth, he can’t stop himself from suggesting he and Marty should hang out. Greg misses his wife and needs someone in Los Angeles to show him a night out on the town. When Marty doesn’t seem that interested, Greg sets his sights on Jeannie. But we know she can be slippery and she does quite a good job at evading his advances.

April needs Marty to help get her out of a legal jam

Marty knows how to party, but I didn’t think we’d ever see April again so it’s a bit of a surprise when she shows up in Los Angeles. It turns out she got into law school at USC with a full ride. I’m glad to know this girl’s got a brain. It also turns out she’s trying to beat a rap for second degree murder. She’s seen what Marty can do and he comes up with a pretty good solution to her legal woes.

Photo Credit: Showtime

The pod does its job (sans Jeannie) and gives Marty the ammunition he needs

We all know Marty’s not about to go down without a fight. Clyde and Doug dig up some dirt on New Pacific, Roscoe’s school. Marty thinks it’s what he needs to prevent Roscoe’s expulsion, but the conference quickly turns into some sort of intervention. And it ain’t pretty. Gita accuses Marty of being unable to connect with his son on a real, emotional level. And both Jeremiah and Monica are with Gita. Marty freaks but just before things get even more real, Caleb comes clean about kissing Roscoe. Problem solved. Well, this particular problem is solved. For now.

House of Lies airs Sundays at 10/9c on Showtime.

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