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BITE-Worthy Moment: Klaus Lives on The Vampire Diaries “Homecoming” 

Photo Credit: The CW

So, I’m pretty sure none of us were under the illusion that Klaus would actually die in “Homecoming.” We knew whatever plan our Mystic Falls gang came up with Klaus would be one step ahead of them. I did love that both Mikael and Rebekah were on the side of good (this time) and I think it was so smart to take Rebekah out of the equation early in the game. Even though she now knows Nic was responsible for her mother’s death, he’s still her brother. And if Damon and Stefan have taught us anything it’s that it doesn’t matter if you hate your sibling or you love them, you’ll do anything to save them. 

I love how intelligent and devious Klaus is. Yes, he’s done horrible things to people I’ve come to care so much about. I’m incredibly invested in these characters and I don’t want any of them to be hurt by Klaus but the more I get to know Klaus the more attached I’m becoming. Do I care that he killed his mother and lied to his siblings about it? Yes. But the few times we’ve seen just a bit of Nic’s humanity peeking out have convinced me not to hate him. Even Katherine admitted to letting her humanity slip through every now and then, and that’s huge. I think knowing it’s there and can come out at any time, makes it hard for me to truly hate Klaus. He’s really just a guy with daddy issues who’s looking for his place in the world. Oh, and he’s extremely powerful, can’t be killed, and is building a hybrid army.

If Klaus had died how would the gang exact their revenge on him for all the harm he’s done? Yes, he would have been dead but what’s the fun in that? Where’s the drama and conflict in that? With Stefan in possession of the remaining Originals, I think we’re going to learn a lot more about Klaus. We’ll see just how strong his loyalty to his family is and what he’s willing to do to get them back. The writers/producers have talked about this being the season of The Originals so I think we’ll get to see at least one more flashback. I feel certain Stefan will un-stake Elijah quickly (or at least that’s my hope). Elijah may know another way to kill Klaus. He’s a crafty one and he’s going to be looking to make his little brother pay for what he’s done. I’m sure Klaus will leave death and destruction in his wake, but the residents of Mystic Falls should know by now how dangerous it is to live in that town. And what’s a season of The Vampire Diaries without surprising secrets, unexpected reveals, and spectacular losses? This should be very interesting.

Are you glad Klaus is still alive? What did you think of Mikael’s spectacular demise? How long do you think Stefan will be able to keep Klaus separated from his family?

The Vampire Dairies returns Thursday, January 5th at 8/7c on the CW.

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