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Rewind and Repeat: Nick’s Worst Nightmare on New Girl “The 23rd” 

Photo Credit: Fox

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Justin Long‘s Paul on New Girl. It’s nice to see Jess trying to move on from that horrible Spencer and Paul seemed like the right guy to do it with. Pun intended. After last week’s hilarious “Bad in Bed,” I wasn’t expecting Paul to take it to the next level so quickly. I am an advocate of saying it if you feel it, but I still think it was a bit too soon for those three words. I wouldn’t call Paul her rebound relationship but Jess is definitely not ready for anything too serious yet. After Jess confides in Nick, his wise words of wisdom are for Jess to tell Paul how she feels and not lead him on. The only problem is Jess prefers to avoid confrontation and Nick assumes she’s told Paul she doesn’t love him. When Nick tries to comfort Paul things go very, very wrong.

My rewind and repeat moment doesn’t happen until Jess finds Nick on the balcony comforting Paul. They try to make up a lie on the spot for their hugging but Nick comes clean. Jess is mad but Paul defends Nick for telling him nicely. Nick just wants to get out of there so they can talk but he can’t because the door’s locked. He literally can’t escape. He calls for Winston and Schmidt to help him but no one can hear him. Hilarious. I watched it multiple times. And by that I mean five.

Photo Credit: Fox

I have to admit I’m not that upset about Jess and Paul’s breakup. I mean, look at the picture above. Jess and Nick are killing me with cuteness. I want them together so bad but I know the powers that be (damn you, writers!) have chosen to keep them apart for the time being. Maybe a case can be made for Nick subconsciously (or consciously) sabotaging Jess’s relationship. Maybe a case can be made that Jess is more comfortable with Nick because she talked to him first about her lack of feelings for Paul. Whatever the case, I will be sad to see Paul go. His quirky weirdness was a pretty good match for Jess. After this, she might be somewhat reluctant about getting into another relationship so quickly. I’m ok with that if it means more platonic goodness with Nick.

New Girl airs at Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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