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Favorite Things About Modern Family “Boys’ Night” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Karen Neal

Luke Dunphy. Seriously, Nolan Gould is so funny and endearing in all his scenes, regardless of who they pair him up with. Having Luke make friends with the old man next door was touching and it was great how he stood up to his parents and pretty much challenged them on their thoughts about their neighbor. He didn’t treat Mr. Kleezak (Philip Baker Hall) like he was an ogre; he didn’t treat him like he was a fragile senior, he treated him like he would treat any friend. And he also called Walt on his treatment of his parents because the consequences weren’t to his liking. It meant they couldn’t hang out. In the end, everything worked out; the Dunphys came to an understanding with their neighbor and it was all good. Gould continues to impress me week after week.

Photo Credit: ABC/Karen Neal

Jay joining boys’ night. Jay joining boys’ night was a total fluke. He couldn’t try something new like going to watch a Vivaldi concert with Gloria and Manny. But he ended up doing something new anyway, when he walked into the restaurant where Mitchell and Cameron were having dinner with their pals. It was nice to see Mitchell let loose with his dad around. It was even nicer to hear him confess how happy he was to finally have that kind of experience with his dad. There have always been so many issues between the two that it was cool things were drama-free between them for an entire episode. And seeing Jay mix it up with people he normally doesn’t was refreshing as well. Although, I’m really happy Gloria didn’t help her hubby out when it was time for him to go shopping with Pepper (Nathan Lane) in Palm Springs.

Mitchell’s crush. Back in the day, I had the same obsession crush Mitchell did when he was a kid — Rob Lowe. So I immensely appreciated the lawyer telling his dad and all his friends about loving Lowe after seeing him in St. Elmo’s Fire, even though he was super young and didn’t know he was gay yet. Rob Lowe was huge in the 80s (still is), and that movie had me crushing hard so it was easy to relate to Mitchell’s adoration for the actor. I also loved how he came to the defense of Lowe telling us how he’s always thought Rob’s good looks have held him back. Because I agree with Mitchell, he is a versatile actor. His flair for drama is matched by his flair for comedy. The man can do it all. Yes, my crush still exists. Sue me.

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