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Character Development: Detective Kate Beckett, Castle in “Under the Gun” 

Photo Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC

In last week’s Castle, Beckett had to deal with a major betrayal. Mike Royce was the cop who trained her but he had subsequently quit the force and become a bounty hunter. His presence in Beckett and Castle’s latest case wasn’t a coincidence. Royce’s greed took over and things ended badly with Beckett having to arrest her mentor over a missing multi-million dollar treasure.

The Development: Kate admits she was in love with Royce

At one point during “Under the Gun” Beckett had to keep the dirty Royce on the phone in order for Esposito and Ryan to trace the call. Royce tried to explain to Beckett he didn’t mean for things to go like this. She asked him if he killed Carver and he said she knows him better than that. Then came this little revelation:

Beckett: Mike, I was in love with you.

Royce: Look Kate, don’t…

Beckett: You were the only one who understood the obsession that drove me; who didn’t tell me that I would get over my mother’s murder and that she wouldn’t want me to do this.

Royce: Just tryin’ to do right by you, kid.

Beckett: I dreamt about you. The night that I shot the guy who killed my mother I dreamt that I was the one who was on the ground dying…then you came up to me and told me to stand up cause there was still work to be done. When I woke up that morning I just wanted to call you but we hadn’t talked in so long.

Royce: You should have called. I never forgot.

Beckett: I’m going to catch Carver’s killer Royce. And then I’m going to recover Lloyd’s score and when I arrest you you’re going to realize that what you destroyed today was worth a hell of a lot more than money.

After she hung up, Castle asked Beckett whether everything she said was an act to get the trace. Of course she deflected and said it was but when she walked out of the room you could see the pain and anguish on her face. Very intense. Very well done. Stana Katic did such a great job. I don’t think for one second Castle bought the deflection. I certainly didn’t. Of course the author didn’t see the anguish that the audience saw.

I loved having Mike Royce (played by Jason Beghe) on this episode because we got to learn more about Beckett’s life pre-series. We were reminded of Kate having shot the man who killed her mom as well as the fact that we still don’t know who ordered the murder. Plus, the female detective said she was in love with Royce. Did the two actually have a relationship back in the day? Or was it just a serious case of unrequited hero worship? What do you guys think?

Castle airs Monday nights at 10/9C on ABC.

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