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Moment of Goodness

30 Rock’s Moment of Goodness: Will Arnett 

Photo credit: NBC

This week’s episode had a lot of great moments. Realizing that Liz’s agent primarily reps dogs? Nice. Kenneth actually saving TGS, like he promised? Loved it. Aaron Sorkin telling Tina Fey to shut up when she mentioned Studio 60? Genius. But the best moment was seeing Will Arnett‘s Devon Banks again. I love that guy.

I love that he’s married and is a househusband out in the burbs of Brooklyn. I love that he mixed his sperm with his husband’s so they wouldn’t know who fathered the babies (duh, they’re black. I think we know). I love that – in Devon’s own words – he vanquishes Jack in a day. But mostly I love that he makes Jack realize just what he’s missing by being away from home so much. I’m not sure we’ll ever see Devon Banks again, but if we do I’ll be there. With bells on, but only if we get to see him in a super short bathrobe again…oh, who am I kidding? I’ll take him any way I can get him.

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