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Get With the Program: Community, Season One Part 2 

Photo Credit: NBC

Every day this week we’re doing something on Community and calling it COUNTDOWN TO GOODNESS. We hope you’re as excited for it’s return as we are.

The second half of Season One brings us some awesome episodes. You know which ones I’m talking about. But instead of doing recaps, let’s look a little closer at this cast of characters who we’ve come to love. Or if not love, laugh at or with every week.

Joel McHale‘s Jeff Winger

Despite his every effort to remain shallow, entitled, and aloof he’s let himself come to care about this group he created. Yes, it all started to get in Britta’s pants (which, he accomplished in “Modern Warfare”) but now it’s about so much more than that. When it looked like the group would break up, it was nice to see him help Annie to keep it together. Maybe he does have a heart. It looks similar to the one the Grinch has, but it’s in there.

Gillian Jacobs‘ Britta Perry

She’s the girl without-a-cause, although she desperately wants one. I’m not sure why people weren’t on the Britta train immediately but I will admit I didn’t really want her and Jeff to get together. I like to see them bicker and I love to see Britta try to not care about Jeff. I was surprised by her declaration of love to him at the dance. I did not see that coming.

Donald Glover‘s Troy Barnes

He’s the quintessential jock, trying to relive his high school glory days. His brain is often wrinkled by things we doesn’t understand. Some would say he’s dumb; other’s would call him mentally challenged. His friendship with Abed is both endearing and alarmingly co-depedent. My favorite part of every show? The bumpers he and Abed do at the end of every episode.

Danny Pudi‘s Abed Nadir

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. He is a deadpan genius. His father wants Abed to go into the family falafel business but he just wants to make movies. You would think his awkwardness and strange habits would be off putting to women, but you’d be wrong (which we find out in “Physical Education”).

Alison Brie‘s Annie Edison

Also known as little Annie Adderall, she is the nerd of the group. After a stint in rehab she’s serious about getting her education. The group doesn’t sexualize her (but Jack Black does) because she’s so innocent. When she starts spending time with Vaughn, the group tries to break them up. And she and Jeff kiss twice in the first season. HOT. I like them together.

Yvette Nicole Brown‘s Shirley Benett

Newly divorced from her cheating husband, Shirley’s ready to make her brownie baking empire take off. Deeply religious, she’s also got some anger management issues. My favorite Shirley moments usually also include Annie. Together they’re just awesome. It was nice to meet her boys and see how generous they could be. She really is a good mom…not that we ever doubted it.

Chevy Chase‘s Pierce Hawthorne

He’s racist, homophobic, and a lothario (or he would be if he could get any play). And he’s essential to the group. He doesn’t think he’s that old but he doesn’t get any of the references the kids make. Although briefly cast out of the group, he finds his way back in. I like his bravado and that he thinks he can do anything. It’s also hilarious to see him constantly fail.

Ken Jeong‘s Senor Chang

Talk about a deeply unhappy man. He seems perfectly happy to dream up new ways to punish his Spanish students but it all comes crashing down on him in the end when Deal Pelton finds out he’s not qualified to teach. So the teacher becomes the student. Awesome.

Jim Rash‘s Dean Pelton

I’ve loved him on every tv show I’ve seen him on, mostly notably That 70’s Show and I love him here. He’s got the right mix of creepy, kooky, and earnest. His unnatural obsession with both dalmations and Jeff is kinda hilarious. He does put on an inordinately large number of dances for a college, but the things that happen at there are priceless.

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