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We Need to Know: What Happened to Amber’s Boyfriend Steve? 

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I need to admit something right now. I’m woefully behind on this season of Parenthood. I’m trying to catch up, but it’s a little tough to do with an hour long. I’ve watched the first seven episodes of Season Two and I have a burning question that must be answered: What the hell happened to Steve?

I loved Amber and Steve’s storyline in season one. I mean, what more could you ask for? There was the secrecy, the intrigue, the betrayals. If you need a refresh (and I know you don’t but I’m going to recap anyway), Amber first met Steve as Haddie’s boyfriend. Haddie managed to keep him a secret from almost everyone until her parents went snooping. Amber runs into him at her country club job and they bond instantly. They even end up sleeping together – something Haddie hadn’t been ready or willing to do. When Amber comes clean, Haddie’s hurt and pissed but the Braverman brood is big on forgivness (at least amongst themselves) so Haddie eventually does just that. And Amber and Steve seem to be in love. Amber gets a lot of grief at school but Steve is there for her and it’s all very sweet and moving.

So you can imagine my surprise that I have yet to see or hear about Steve in the first seven episodes of this season. Did he go off to college? Did he transfer to a different school? Did they break up? When Amber says Kelsey is her only friend, it makes me think Steve’s out of the picture. I want to say I haven’t given up on him still being in the picture, but I have. And it’s discouraging and strange. Why would the writers just drop that storyline without explanation. This show is better than that.

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