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Supernatural “Bad Boys” 

Bad Boys
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Dean gets a blast from the past when an old friend calls him up and needs his help. And while the investigation unfolds, we learn even more about the oldest Winchester brother via some really great childhood flashbacks, the first since season seven’s “Death Door” and “The Girl Next Door” — which were from Bobby and Sam’s perspectives, respectively.

This is one of those episodes that went by so quickly. Before I knew it, the boys were driving away in the Impala. I couldn’t believe it. As you might guess, I love “Bad Boys.” If I didn’t know better, I could have sworn I was watching a season one episode. And since Adam Glass is the one who wrote it, that’s quite a feat considering he didn’t join the show until season six. Love his old school touches:

-Someone from the boys’ past needs help. The Winchesters jump in the Impala and head off to do what they do best.

-Even the deaths feel old school. The killer tractor (so glad it wasn’t a killer ghost truck) spears that cranky old dude but good. Ruth, the woman who works in the shelter, supernaturally drowns in the bathtub. Did that remind anyone of “Dead in the Water?” Because that’s what it reminded me of.

-The EMF makes a welcome appearance. So do old faithfuls salt and iron. All the better to fight a plain old — non-demon, non-fallen angel, non-Leviathan — ghost with. Sam and Dean even get slammed into walls. Good times.

-Dean makes a connection with a kid. Remember Lucas and Michael from the first season? I still want the show to find a way to re-introduce those two into the Supernatural universe. One of them could have become a hunter based on their experience with the Winchesters, right? Or one could need their help again. In this one, I love how Dean takes up for Timmy. He fights his bullies. He teaches him how to properly shake hands. And he encourages him to confront his mom.

-There’s a pop culture reference or two like “Casper” and “Damien.”

-Dean defends John just like he used to in season one.

-Dean even says “Sammy” at one point.

-At the end when Timmy’s able to stand up to his ghostly mother so she can let go of him, it reminds me of “Home” and when Mary goes bye bye.

-In the final Young Dean scene, they even play the amazing music cue of doom (that’s what I like to call it). I think it was introduced in the very first flashback episode in season one, “Something Wicked.” I could be wrong on this fact, however.

-Dean’s old girlfriend even gives him a kiss on the cheek at the end of the hour. I don’t know. That reminds me of season one as well.

-Sam and Dean have to dig up a grave and burn a body. And when that doesn’t work they try to burn something that belongs to the MOTW. So season one.

Other favorite aspects of “Bad Boys”

Bad Boys

-Do you remember when we first witnessed Colin Ford as a Young Sam Winchester? Everyone was in awe of how great a Sam he was. It was perfect casting. I’ve never felt like we got the perfect Young Dean. Everyone who has played him has been great, but they’ve never been perfect. Dylan Everett [Degrassi: The Next Generation] is the one. He has Jensen down. I mean, he captured Dean Winchester cold. He breaks my heart just like Jensen does on a weekly basis. They need to do some more flashbacks so we can see this kid again. What a good find.

-I love it when the boys learn something new about each other. I especially love it when Sam learns something new about Dean. Dean Winchester, the wrestling champ? Wow. Who knew? Stealing food may have been a bad thing to do. But it gave him the best “normal” experience ever.

-We learn a Young Dean and a Young Robin (his first kiss) are both in similar situations. They are expected to go into the family business. I’d like to say learning Dean isn’t into hunting is out of character. But It makes sense. When it’s forced on you, you don’t want anything to do with it, no matter what it is. And I fully think he could have become a great rock star/mechanic, don’t you? Dean comes to love hunting in his own right. Now he can’t think of doing anything else. Robin says the same thing happened to her. She loves owning that diner.

-The scene that rips my heart out is when we find out Dean has to ditch Robin and forego the dance. He looks so nice in his tie and everything. But Big Daddy Winchester won’t wait a few hours and let Dean have his evening. There’s a hunt and it needs to be taken care of now. The way Dylan plays it, is incredible. He has me in tears. Dean had never been to a dance before.

-The line that rips my heart out: “Sometimes you got to do what’s best for you, even if it’s gonna hurt the ones you love.” 

Guest Star Goodness

Bad Boys
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Blake Gibbons played Sonny, the guy who runs the shelter. It was so good to see him on Supernatural. He was a natural fit and I truly hope we get to see Sonny again someday. Over the years, Gibbons’ has been in a ton of different shows, but I will always know him as Coleman from General Hospital.

Bad Boys

That was Erin Karpluk who played Adult Robin. She was the lead in the Canadian series, Being Erica, which aired on SoapNet here in America.

Random Thoughts

-That first death of the episode? I had to close my eyes for it.

-My TV sucks. What color shirt is Jared wearing in the bunker? Is it brown? Whatever color shirt is, Jared looks awesome in it.

-Sonny calls Dean “D-Dawg.” That’s kind of awesome.

Bad Boys

-On Dean’s old bed, the first name that Sam rips off is “Kevin P.” I’m assuming that is a nod to Kevin Parks, a first assistant director for Supernatural. However, in this episode, he’s the director, the one calling the shots. He does a great job handling all the flashbacks and big scares. 

-I love the relationship between Sonny and a Young Dean. The ex- con was kind, compassionate, protective and was a positive male figure in Dean’s life. He even said he was proud of the 16 year old. The look on the kid’s face — it’s like he had never heard those words before. Heartbreaking.

The scene where Robin doesn’t remember Dean is so uncomfortable  to watch. I felt so bad for him. Thankfully, she actually does remember him. She’s just hurt he had to take off.

-Dean does a nice job of not telling Sam much about what went on back then. Sam has to learn some of it on his own. I actually wish he and Sonny could have had a longer conversation. But that’s just me.

-I could yell at BDW right now. Sonny gets the charges on Dean dropped. But Sonny can’t get a hold of John so Dean has to stay at the boys’ home longer than he should. It ends up being good for him. But, still, what John did isn’t anywhere near the vicinity of cool.

-After Timmy lets go of his mom, he runs to Dean for an awe-inducing hug. So cute.

-Sam thanking Dean for always being there and having his back is nice. Of course Dean responds with a deflection. Would it have killed him to be a little more open with Sam?

-What this season one-esque episode is missing is more rock ‘n roll. And the Impala scenes don’t look so green screen-y like they did back in the day.

Please check out Orlando Jones‘ tweets about “Bad Boys.” They are awesome. He even hashtags his tweets as #SuperSleepy. See? Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow can exist in the same universe. In a perfect world, a crossover would happen. FOX and the CW need to talk. In the meantime, you guys should definitely check out Sleepy Hollow. It’s my favorite new show of the season.

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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  1. bluechester

    Not until you mentioned it did I realized this was so S1; and it was enjoyable to have a good old MOW episode. And so much yumminess with Dean flashbacks. But these episodes just break my heart and Dean making his final decision to go with John based on seeing Sammy. As always, any and everything for Sammy.
    I couldn’t agree more with the casting of teen Dean – he absolutely captured Jensen’s Dean. And it must be mentioned that Sonny is a dead ringer for Josh Brolin.
    Another great re-cap to a standout episode!

    1. Tina Charles

      Yeah, even Orlando Jones tweeted that Blake Gibbons looks exactly like Josh Brolin. I guess I didn’t think much of it since I”ve known about this guy for such a long time. It was great seeing him on Supernatural.

      Thanks for reading!

    2. Teri

      Yes! Sonny looked just like Josh Brolin. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but that is it! Thank you!

  2. CassIe Estrella-Roca

    Loved young Dean. That was Cam from Degrassi, right? Great acting in that scene where he had to leave with BDW. Great Recap!

    1. Tina Charles

      Yup, he was on Degrassi. So you’ve seen him before? Very cool. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. hulyan

    Not sold on young dean playing the perfect Jensen. I don’t think he has the look down the way Colin can channel Jared, however it was awesome seeing the amulet making am appearance. Last time we saw that was probably the flashback scene in “Repoman.”

    1. Tina Charles

      I totally loved the kid who played Young Dean. And I want that amulet back in present day for real. And this season. Is that too much to ask?

  4. MByerly

    The young actor who played Dean was scary good, saying so much with his eyes.

    Loved the episode, but they seriously need to rethink how to use a lawn mower as a weapon. HINT: You don’t cut it on with the throttle, it probably wouldn’t start on its side, and the blade would have taken the kid’s hand off. Folks in Hollywood obviously have someone else do their lawns.

    1. Tina Charles

      Love your comment about the lawnmower. Hilarious.

  5. Andi

    I loved this episode, and as a fan from S1 on, it did feel like a paean to the past. First salt and burn in a while. Dean connecting with a kid. Sam all curious about Dean’s experience of their childhood in retrospect. Great ghostly killings–that shower curtain liner suffocation was awesome. The two images that really grabbed me, though, were 1) young Dean wearing the Samulet! and 2) That half-resigned, half-affectionate look on young Dean’s face when he looked out the window and saw Sam in the car. All in all, lots of feels and lots of fun.

    1. Tina Charles

      I want that Samulet back in action so bad it’s not even funny.

  6. L

    I thought this was the best episode of season9, maybe even one of the bests since season 5. I thought Jensen was amazing, he can pull at the emotions and break my heart like no other actor! Dylan did a great job as Young Dean too.

    I loved that its canon that Dean, when he has time and doesn’t all the burdens and responsibilities that John has placed on him, he does do well in school.

    I also loved the line about Dean liking fixing a car because its like a puzzle, I think that was nice continuity because all that we’ve seen with Dean in the past, he’s been good with putting things together and solving things.

    I especially loved that they continued with showing us how good Dean is with kids. You can see how good Jensen is with them through their interactions onscreen.

    1. Arafel

      I thought that what he said about it not being his responsibility anymore once he gave the car back to it’s owner, was especially telling concerning Dean clearly being a parentified child-which this episode wonderfully and starkly conveyed, IMO and mostly through the wonderful performances of Jensen Ackles(Again. We are so lucky and spoiled to have had an actor of this calibre on this show for so long, IMO) and the kid who played YoungDean. Kudos to that kid. The best YoungDean yet, IMO.

      I’m also a sucker for Dean and kids. Loved the scene of Dean teaching Timmy what makes for a “manly” handshake and the end when he ran to Dean after banishing his mom. JA + kids will always = LOVE! for me.

      Loved Sonny. Dean abandoned by a loved one again and, heartbreakingly, making excuses for said loved one doing that again-even as the adult he is now, he told Sam not to blame dad because, he deserved it. He’d lost the food money…*sigh*…Oh, Dean. Heartbreaking. That beautiful, messed-up-from-childhood mind of his is going to be my undoing within this show, I think. I hope we see Sonny again.

      I also think that this was the best episode of the season, so far. It’s been a long time since I cried over this show, but this one did it for me again.

      Thanks for the re-cap, Tina. 🙂

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