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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: Frances Fisher on Rectify “Donald the Normal” 

Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert
Photo Credit: Quantrell Colbert

Daniel goes to Atlanta to visit Kerwin’s family. Kerwin had made him promise to visit them when – not if – Daniel got out of jail. But before he makes it there, he visits a museum where he meets Frances Fisher’s Peggy. They have a brief, but interesting conversation about a painting Daniel is finally seeing in person after studying it for years in a book. Later, Peggy waves Daniel over to each lunch with her tour group. They have more than enough wine to share anyway. I knew I’d like these ladies (even more) after Florene calls him gallant and sarcastically asks him if he’s in “that group” AA. They’ve already lost so many friends to them.

Earlier Daniel had introduced himself to Peggy as “Donald.” Donald lives in Mobile, Alabama and owns a bookstore. Daniel agrees with Peggy that they should “reinstate wonder” and “banish expectations.” Maybe that’s why Daniel can’t or won’t tell them his real story. I mean, it’s not really their business. He probably won’t ever see them again and how much more of his life story does he give away to strangers? But what I loved most about this entire interaction is that Peggy knows something is wrong and asks “Donald” if he’s ok. He tells her that’s for a longer conversation. Even though Peggy won’t be able to track “Donald” down if she goes to Mobile, part of my hopes she tries.

Other developments:

Even though Amantha is actively in the process of packing, she puts an application in at Thirty Town. The cashier is surprised when Amantha asks for an application, but I think Amantha is too. Yes, she’s going through the motions of preparing to leave but we knew she wasn’t going to. During her interview with the store manager, we learn Amantha had to drop out of college. She needed to be closer to Daniel and she needed a job. She can’t promise longevity, but she needs to be around for Daniel.

Although Tawney eventually signed the papers Teddy is still angry with her. He asked her to trust him and she didn’t do it fast enough. And he can’t get what she said about Daniel out of his mind. When Tawney returns later Teddy is drunk and putting on a good show for their friends, who are down from Hilton Head. After their June and Ken leave and Tawney has to fight off his advances, she admits Teddy scared her in that moment. Teddy can’t believe “a convicted killer doesn’t scare you, but your own husband does.” Teddy realizes he’s got to talk to someone, so he visits the sheriff. Off the record, he tells Karl that Daniel choked him out and that when he woke up there were coffee grounds where the sun don’t shine. Karl seems to think Teddy wants to press charges, but Teddy knows he’ll never live that down in a town as small as Paulie. Karl wonders why Teddy talked to him about this at all, so Teddy confides that he can’t tell anyone else and he wants to make sure Karl knows what Daniel is capable of.

When Daniel goes to visit the Whitmans, they’re so happy to finally meet the man Kerwin was constantly telling them about. Kerwin had to grow up in prison, but Daniel thinks he still became a decent man. But it’s hard for Mrs. Whitman. She’s happy Daniel’s out, but he just reminds her that her son is gone. It’s touching when Daniel thanks Mrs. Whitman for Kerwin. And sad.

Rectify airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Sundance TV.

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