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No Waiting, Parenthood “It Has To Be Now” 

Photo Credit: NBC
Photo Credit: NBC

I don’t know what it is about the Braverman clan, but they get me every time. I feel so invested in each and every member of this extended family. I want them to be happy, do well and most of all find love. All the family units are going through something – whether it’s separation anxiety for Sarah, life after cancer for Kristina and Adam, the addition of a new family member for Jasmine and Crosby, or the uncertainty that comes from looking for a new job for Joel and Julia.

Sarah’s a Super

Both her kids are out of the house, and so is she. Sarah is now a super in an apartment building. Who saw that coming? Not me. She’s got some pretty interesting chemistry with Carl (more on Josh Stamberg below), but according to him he doesn’t date women over 30. I feel like he might make an exception for Sarah, but we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, I like that she’s still pursuing photography and taking on more personal responsibility in her life.

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC

Hank is in Max’s Radius

I make no secret of the fact that I’m big Ray R0mano fan. I loved him in Men of a Certain Age and I love him here. So he’s back in town after his move to Minnesota didn’t stick. Turns out his daughter wasn’t benefiting from having him so close because of all the tension it caused with his ex. I think Hank is going to be really good for Max. Hank thinks Max has an eye for photography and is happy to encourage him. It also helps that Hank actually likes having Max around. I’m looking forward to seeing this relationship develop. I’m even more interested to see what happens when Sarah discovers that Hank’s back in town.

Joel Gets a Job, but Julia Can’t

I’m not sure why Julia (or Joel) is surprised that she can’t find a job. She left her last job under less than ideal circumstances, even if it was for the right reason. If Julia is serious about re-entering the workforce as a lawyer, she’s got to repair her relationship with her old firm. If she doesn’t, she’ll have to find another career. I do like that Joel is going to be the main breadwinner for at least a little while longer. He was the stay-at-home parent when Julia was on the partner track; now she needs to let him shine. And the tension that’s already surfaced between her and Pete (more on Sonya Walger below)? I’m already enjoying it. I kind of know where it’s going, but if you don’t I won’t spoil it.

Crosby Can’t Bond With His Daughter

I’ve never been around a newborn, so I can only sympathize from afar. Crosby wasn’t around when Jabbar was a baby, so he’s participating fully in this experience by getting up with Jasmine every time she does. And it’s taking a toll on both of them. Crosby was so excited about becoming a father again, but his daughter is ruining it. I love that he’s having trouble bonding with his child – it feels so real and it probably happens more than we realize. Now that the baby has a name, I hope he can find a way to connect with her. More than that, I’m looking forward to seeing how Aida will continue to drive Crosby crazy.

Kristina Decides to Run For Mayor

After a major health scare it makes sense to carpe diem. I appreciate that Kristina and Adam are stepping out of their comfort zone a little and really trying to enjoy life. Of course, Kristina is stepping a little far outside Adam’s comfort zone when she decides to run for mayor. But as Kristina’s friend says, “No waiting.” I think that’s a great philosophy and I’ve got nothing but support and admiration for Kristina. She’s passionate about this and you only get so many second chances in life. This campaign is definitely going to cause problems at home, but I’m looking forward to seeing how Kristina and Adam handle it.

Ryan Comes Home and Pops the Question

I really wasn’t expecting that and I definitely don’t think Amber and Ryan are ready for such a huge step. That being said, I love them together. I think any separation is hard especially when you’re so young and in love. Their relationship is far from perfect, but I want to see these two continue to evolve and grow as both people and a couple. Hopefully they’ll make it to the altar, but if they don’t it’ll be a very interesting journey.

Guest Star Goodness

Carl’s Josh Stamberg is a tenant in Sarah’s apartment building. He wakes her up in the middle of the night – which seems to be a common occurrence – to get a copy of his key when he’s locked out. He also seems to be going through a mid-life crisis. He claims he wants to be Sarah’s friend, but she has no interest in that. I saw some sparks there so we’ll see how long it takes him to ask her out. I’m excited Stamberg’s on the show and I’m hoping he sticks around for a bit. You might recognize him from his series regular  role on Drop Dead Diva or his guests roles on Suits, Arrested Development, Justified, Criminal Minds or Castle. The man gets around.

Joel just got a job with Pete’s Sonya Walger, so she’s going to be sticking around for the forseeable future. There’s already tension between her and Julia, which should make for some great drama. You probably recognize Walger from Lost, FlashForward or Tell me You Love Me. She was also on Common Law, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and In Treatment. I’m a fan. I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to seeing her stir up trouble for Joel and Julia.

What did you think of the episode? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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