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Random Thoughts about NCIS “Broken Arrow” 

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/CBS

Random Thoughts about “Broken Arrow”

-Anthony D. Dinozzo, Sr. Are we closer to finding out what Tony’s middle name is? Any thoughts or hopes as to what that middle name will turn out to be? Dominic? Dino?

-At the beginning of the interrogation scene, Senior’s leg is up on the table. Didn’t Tony put his leg up on the table in one of his famous interrogation scenes? Was it in Season 3’s “Frame-Up?”

-We learned (or at least I did) that Abby’s father is no longer alive. Did we know that before? I suspected that at least one or both of her parents weren’t alive but I never knew for sure.

-I guess I understand where Abby’s coming from when she says she doesn’t like that Tony’s being so judgmental when it comes to his father. That he’s lucky he’s still alive. I guess because they now have time to make things up to each other. But he hasn’t had his mom since he was eight. He had a father who basically ignored him for much of his life. How lucky is that? I think it’s natural for Tony to still have reservations where his dad is concerned. I’d like to see Tony and Abby have a dad conversation. Maybe we could learn even more about their pasts. What went on between Abby and her dad? What would she need to forgive him for? Hope we find out something at some point.

-I loved McGee saying that Tony’s dad wasn’t exactly Cliff Huxtable. 1) I believe Michael Weatherly’s first real acting gig was on The Cosby Show; and 2) I love how Cliff Huxtable is the barometer for all TV dads.

-Loved Tony doing his best impression of his dad.

-Senior really has a soft spot for Ziva. Tony again reiterates nothing’s going on between them.

-What’s going on with Ducky? There’s a brief scene when he tells Gibbs about having two tickets to some Norman Rockwell exhibit and Gibbs kind of ignores him and then Ducky goes on his way. Plus, there was an earlier moment where Gibbs tied Ducky’s bow tie. I don’t know. My gut’s telling me something’s going on with him.

-Product Placement Alert: Nutter Butters. McGee was eating them in the truck while he and Dinozzo were on surveillance duty. This show has mentioned Nutter Butters before hasn’t it?

-More Tim and Tony banding together goodness comes when they both pull rank on Ziva when she mentions someone needs to dig through the dumpster.

-Gibbs was particularly smirk-y and smiley during the episode.

-I don’t like how Tim and Ziva disrespected Tony’s position as Senior Field Agent. Maybe Tony reminding Tim to collect the trace evidence is a real “duh” moment for McGee. I get it. But he can still hold the sarcastic response. Tony is the senior field agent. And as for Ziva, she’s at the reception with his father when Tony tells her to pull out. She won’t do it; Tony tells her it’s Gibbs’ orders and she still won’t do it. It’s not until he says “Gaston’s the killer” she listens to him. Again, I get it. Tony’s not always someone that should be taken seriously. But this was an op and he sounded pretty freakin’ serious about getting his father out of there. She should have acted immediately. And if not immediately than right after he said “Gibbs’ order.” I do hate that he had to play the Gibbs card however.

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