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White Collar “Burke’s Seven” 

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Thanks to a DVR snafu, I wasn’t able to watch the “Burke’s Seven” episode of White Collar until now. Boo. Hate when that happens, especially since it was so good, it felt like the entire hour went by in half the time. My thoughts: -The show didn’t really need to make the Ocean’s Eleven reference with the title, since it already does a good job with capturing that movie’s slick, entertaining vibe. But I appreciated the team aspect regardless. Much of the time is spent focusing on Peter and Neal, so getting everyone involved in the same case to save Peter’s job had fantastic results.

-The sparkling dialogue made the entire caper so much more fun. Loved references to superheroes and cowboys; the banter going on between Neal and Sara was trés amusing as well.

Photo Credit: USA Network

-Speaking of Sara, I was sort of ho hum with Hilarie Burton‘s presence in the first part of Season Two, but I truly enjoyed her being part of the action in “Burke’s Seven.” Loved how she kept calling Neal, “Junior.” There’s a real chemistry going on now. I guess it just took a few episodes (and a big, long hiatus) for me to really get on board with these two.

-The chemistry between the show’s stars, Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay, is as present as ever. I just can’t get enough of these two in scenes. In “Burke’s Seven,” it really seems like Neal and Peter appreciate each other. There’s a mutual admiration and respect that’s really wonderful to watch, not only between Neal and Peter, but it seems to be going on between Matt and Tim as well. This show makes me smile like no other because it looks like this cast has fun making each episode.

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-One of my main complaints about White Collar is that it doesn’t utilize Sharif Atkins enough. In this episode, he was finally incorporated more heavily into the action. Jones even mentioned this. He said something about being glad he’s not stuck in the van. For a season-and-a-half, that’s what it appeared like to me. Jones was either stuck in the office or stuck in a van. Now he knows all about the music box and the show’s big mystery. Hopefully, we’ll start to learn more about him (and Diana) as this series continues.

-I really did enjoy the scene where every one gathered at Peter’s to work out the con. Or should I say sting? So happy to have Mrs. Burke (Tiffani Thiessen) enlisted to secure Mozzie’s cooperation in the con. Her phone call to get the dorky dude off the pay phone was brilliant too. Elizabeth’s quick-thinking made it natural to change the name of the group from “Burke’s Six” to “Burke’s Seven.”

-As for Mozzie, I think Willie Garson‘s role on this show keeps getting better and better. It was his shooting that was the impetus for much of this episode. And when he woke up from the medically-induced coma, he was still Mozzie. Although, he flirted with retirement. We knew that wouldn’t stick, right? I loved how Neal was by his friend’s side as much as he could be.

-Even though the bullet missed Mozzie’s heart (by thismuch), his recovery went quickly. He wasn’t walking by the end, but he definitely seemed much better.

-So Peter is Superman and Neal is Robin, the Boy Wonder? I think Neal should at least be Nightwing. But it’s funny that he’s talking about Peter being Superman when for years Matthew Bomer’s name has been mentioned every time a Superman is being cast for the big screen.

-Peter getting on the horse to catch the bad guy was pretty sexy. Very cool Peter Burke moment.

-We now have the name behind who ordered someone to shoot Mozzie and kill Kate: Vincent Adler. Turns out Neal knows him; he’s apparently the guy who made him who he is. Very interesting. I suspect next week’s flashback episode is going to be big on cluing us into White Collar‘s big bad villain.

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