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House “Bombshells” 

Photo Credit: FOX

Wow. I did not see that coming. Even though I’ve speculated about the demise of Huddy (in fact, I did that earlier today), I’m not sure I thought it would happen this soon. Yes, I was unhappy that House was acting like such an adolescent – never putting Cuddy’s needs or wants first, never offering to help her out with anything, never telling her exactly how he felt. But I thought they were getting somewhere, that they were making progress especially after he said he loved her last week. And it’s not like Cuddy doesn’t know how House is. But much more than the breakup, I did not see the vicodin use coming back into play. I am so disappointed.

Cuddy calls it like she sees it and she accuses House of being unable to deal with pain. Any type of pain – emotional, physical, psychological. Even though House argues he was there eventually, Cuddy argues that he wasn’t. He was high so he wasn’t there completely. And can you imagine having to come to terms with the fact that you sent your addict boyfriend back to his drug of choice? Ouch. I don’t think I could have stayed with him either. I can acknowledge that he was making a supreme effort to be with her but if he has to turn to drugs, it’s not something he should have gone through with. And it’s not Cuddy’s responsibility to keep House clean. He needs to do that himself.

What’s going to happen now? I’m worried. I’m worried about the fallout for Cuddy, for House, and for House’s team. I don’t want to go back to the way things were before. I know it’s unrealistic to expect an addict to recover so completely that he never falls off the wagon (or even contemplates jumping), but that’s where my head was. I wanted House to have his happily ever after. I wanted him to be content and make a family with Cuddy and Rachel. I hope this doesn’t destroy House, even though that would make for excellent television. I’m not that cynical. At least, not yet.

p.s. I could say something about the dream sequences but I don’t think I have an opinion about them either way – didn’t love them, didn’t hate them.

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