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Finale Watch: Incoherent Thoughts About Castle “Knockout” 

Photo Credit: ABC
  • I had guessed last week that Montgomery would die in the finale.
  • I had guessed early in this episode that he was the third cop.
  • I’m with Beckett, I forgive the Chief. It’s really sad the way he went out. I can’t believe the show went there.
  • For a second, I thought Montgomery was going to kill himself when he was in his house, sitting at his desk, loading his gun. Am I the only one? I’m glad he went out protecting Kate.
  • We’re that much closer to finding out who was pulling the strings in all the murders. It’s someone huge with a lot of connections. Police connections. Political connections. I wish Montgomery had said the name. Is it someone we’ve met before?
  • Unpopular opinion: I hope next season they wrap up the murder mystery of Beckett’s mother. I’ve loved it and it’s provided some crazy intense moments. But I’m ready to find out the entire story.
  • I loved how Beckett’s dad showed up at Rick’s door. That conversation was so sad but so significant to me. It showed to me how much Castle means to Kate that he would talk to her dad about him so much.
  • I don’t like when Beckett and Castle fight. Not serious fight anyway. I don’t mind when they banter fight. Of course, she really didn’t mean that they were over. I love how the Chief called her bluff.
  • So Josh wasn’t in the season finale. I’m thinking we’re never seeing him again. Are we not getting that closure? Unless we see him in the season premiere if/when Kate’s brought to the hospital.
  • Another proof of the fact everybody knows exactly how much Beckett and Castle mean to each other: Montgomery calls Castle to show up at the hangar so he can be the one to get Kate out of the way. In fact, Montgomery, Beckett’s dad and Martha all talk about what Rick and Kate mean to each other. Everyone knows.
  • Love how Chief took down Lockwood before he died.
  • Can we talk about how great Ryan and Esposito were in “Knockout?” Seriously. When those two came to blows after they found out about Chief — what a natural reaction. Esposito couldn’t think of Montgomery in those terms. Meanwhile, Ryan put two and two together really quickly. I’m anxious to figure out how this affects everybody next season.
  • I’m already thinking about next season and how there’s going to be a new boss. I wonder if said boss is going to be tolerant of Castle. But first, we need to find out how bad Beckett is. I’m hoping she had a bulletproof vest on.
  • Speaking of that moment she got shot; I really thought Castle was going to make it in time and take the bullet for her.
  • I don’t know about you guys but I was in tears for most of “Knockout.”
  • The “Kate, I love you…I love you, Kate” moment was just…I don’t even know. We finally got to hear the words. I hope she heard him. And I hope she remembers hearing those words from him. What a positively fantastic yet cruel way to end a season. Cruel for us fans because now we’re left wondering what’s going to happen when the next season starts in four long months…
  • It was so different seeing Kate, Ryan and Esposito in their police uniforms.
  • It’s just sad to me that so soon after Kate lost her first mentor (Royce), she lost this one too (Montgomery). So sad.
  • I know he’s been sort of underutilized this whole time but I’m going to miss Ruben Santiago-Hudson. I think he’s such a good actor and so classy. His performance in this episode was just great.
  • The finale was such a wonderfully, intense, heartbreaking ride. My heart ached when it was confirmed Montgomery was the third cop and knowing his family was going to get left behind.
  • Is the summer over yet? Because I’m ready for Season 4.

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