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Gold Stars: Top Chef All-Stars “Dim Sum Lose Sum” 

Tom Colicchio

This season of Top Chef has been pretty remarkable so far. I am invested in almost every Cheftestant and each week has brought surprises, both good and bad. This week we’re handing out Gold Stars. Here are the top three reasons this episode is must-see TV.

1. Tom Colicchio

It was so good to see Tom in the kitchen, prepping and cooking food. In fact, I think the chefs were a bit (or a lot) intimidated to have him cooking in their kitchen. His food looked delicious and he was such a cool customer I think most – if not all – of the chefs were thrown off their game. I can’t imagine having to prep and cook something in under 8 minutes and 37 seconds. Wow. And I liked seeing him try to light a fire under their butts at the Dim Sum house. Talk about a disaster. But ultimately, Tom Colicchio proved again why he’s the perfect head judge for this show.

2. Susur Lee

I loved him on Top Chef Masters and it was a delight to see him as a judge for this challenge. I think he has a great energy and I like the way he talks and thinks about Asian cuisine. His critiques were very interesting and probably more than any other judge at that table, I trust his opinion and expertise on Dim Sum.

3. Tiffany Derry

She really stepped it up for this challenge. I’ve always believed she belongs in the competition, but I feel like we saw something really special from her. Not only did she have some practical experience – she lived in China for just under a month – but I think she was really smart in her presentation and food choices. The judges were impressed too. Great job.

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