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It Was So Good To See You (Week of August 28) 

Once again it was great to see some very interesting guest stars on my favorite summer shows this past week. Let’s start with Sunday night (August 28) and the episodes of The Glades, Drop Dead Diva, Against the Wall and Leverage. First, actors James McCaffrey and Billy Lush both appeared…

Remember This Face: Baron Vaughn, Fairly Legal 

One of the fun new faces on TV this season is classically trained actor Baron Vaughn, who stars as Leonardo “Leo” Prince on the new USA Network series Fairly Legal. In this series, Leo is the assistant extraordinaire to former lawyer turned mediator Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi).

The Good Wife “Poisoned Pill” 

First of all, I’ve got to talk about Michael J. Fox. Wow. I love it when he plays against type. On Rescue Me, he played Dwight who just happened to be in a wheelchair. But he didn’t let his disability define him and he certainly didn’t let people treat him…