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Friday Night Lights “On the Outside Looking In” 

Photo Credit: DirecTV

A lot of the kids on this show – especially since we moved over to East Dillion last season – are neglected. Their parents don’t care or don’t can’t be bothered, they’ve gotten in trouble with the law in the past and think they can’t redeem themselves, or have threatened someone in some way and are just keeping their heads down. But tonight Vince, Becky, and Epic are shown that they’re wanted and even valued. Vince gets a stack of intent letters from colleges all over the country. For the first time he feels he might make something of his life; Becky, while at first posing a threat to Mindy because she’s so cute, gets a talking to after she misses her curfew. She’s so happy someone is worried about her and cares what time she comes home; and Epic, who’s foster parents could care less about her and her schooling, realizes Tami is just trying to help her and lets down her guard a little. It’s nice to see adults making a difference in these kids lives when they need it most.

And what about the adults? Buddy Garrity. I’ve missed him. It looks like he’s opening his own business, aptly named Buddy’s. He stops by to give Coach Taylor a heads-up about an impending call from the athletic league. Very interesting. Poor Luke though. He’s sacrificed (at least for this week’s game) at the altar of Texas football politics. Coach Taylor must be doing something right for these guys to feel so threatened and so vindictive that they’re willing to punish a kid for something he didn’t even do. I know how football can get though – especially in the south. It is a religion and a way of life. If you piss off the wrong people you’re gonna be in a world of trouble.

Even though winning a game should bring them some respect, the East Dillon Lions aren’t feeling the love. Not only do they continue to be un-ranked but it seems like everyone is down on them. And Coach Taylor isn’t immune. Even though he’s putting on a brave face for the team and his coaches, at the end of the episode we see that fight we’ve all come and know and love in him. He simply writes “State” on the whiteboard and motivates his players more than he could have by saying anything else. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. I’m with you.

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