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Dear Show: A Letter to the TPTB @ The Vampire Diaries 

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

October 14, 2011

Dear Show:

First of all, thank you for the awesomeness that is your show. I don’t know how you guys do it, but, each week, the latest TVD zips by at such a breakneck speed and all of it is more amazing than the episode before. The characters are well-developed; the storylines are fascinating; and, yes, the actors are beautiful. The Vampire Diaries is the total package and should be one of the highest-rated series on TV. You guys rarely give me anything to complain about. If I do, it’s usually something like “I wish I got to see more of this character” or “Why can’t this episode be two-hours long” or “Why don’t the guys take their shirts off more…” OK, I was kidding with that last one. Or not.

Since the beginning, my biggest complaint has had to do with Matt. During the first two seasons, I don’t think the character received the attention he deserved. He has always been this lonely figure in Mystic Falls. He has a missing-in-action mom; his sister died; Elena broke up with him; his relationship with Caroline didn’t work out either; and now she’s dating his former best friend. Tyler sort of summed it up during “The Reckoning”:

“I think that he probably doesn’t have a lot of people to talk to anymore. I think he’s struggling more than he lets on.”

Before Season 3, I felt like Matt was easily an expendable character because not too much time was being invested in him and his story. I kept hoping you guys would see what so many of us see and showcase this character even more. And guess what? You guys did it. You fixed it. I’m definitely not complaining now.

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

This season, we know Matt is well aware of all the supernatural freakiness of Mystic Falls. Thankfully, he wasn’t compelled to forget because I’m loving the fact that he’s in on the secret and he’s accepting it; and dare I say it, he’s even embracing it a little bit. We’ve seen Matt bond with a Jeremy who is able to see the ghosts of Anna and Matt’s sister, Vicki. And other than the two episodes he hasn’t been a part of, I feel like Matt’s had more screen time this year than the last two seasons combined.

He’s this nice guy who’s just a little bit lost. I feel for what he’s going through and I want him to find that someone or something that’ll ground him. Connecting him to Jeremy’s story was genius. You can tell he often has his late sister on his mind, especially since he found out she was a vampire. I love what went down with him in “The Reckoning”:

  • His friends were actually worried about him and being vocal about it.
  • It was great seeing him open his mind to the “out there” possibility of his dead sister trying to reach out to him.
  • Matt got some quality time with Bonnie which never happens (and please tell me I’m not the only one that saw a little chemistry going on between those two).
  • Did you see his face when he saw Klaus “kill” Tyler? His expression was filled with horror. But he sucked it up and did what he had to do to help get answers to help save both Tyler and Elena.
  • The pain he’s going through over losing his sister is palpable so resorting to drowning himself in order to see her ghost was a completely drastic — but understandable — move.
  • I loved Bonnie getting to him and reviving him using CPR and none of her magic mojo.
  • “Vicki?” “Hi, Matty.” The end, when he came face to (ghost) face with Vicki, was such a simple but emotional moment. Well, it was emotional for me and it definitely was for Matt. I hope we get a good, meaty conversation with the two in the next episode.

I just want to thank you guys for treating Matt with respect and finally giving him some quality screen time. And also, thank you for casting Zach Roerig, who plays Matt so well. His performances are so deliciously understated but he understands how to use his face and facial expressions to tell the story. It’s more than the lines he utters; he continues to show us the pain of Matt’s life without having to say a word. Zach also gives Matt this strength that is really beautiful. I appreciate all that he brings to the table.

I look forward to seeing what else you guys have in store for Matt as Season 3 continues.

Thanks again! And you guys rock!

Tina Charles
Co-Creator, TV Goodness

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