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We Need to Know: Are Leverage’s Parker and Hardison already dating? 

Photo Credit: Erik Heinila/TNT

Wait a second. I heard something during the beginning of Leverage “Girls’ Night Out Job” that needs clarification. First, Hardison invited Parker to see robots fight over the weekend. It seemed like it was a date thing rather than a friend thing to me. Second, Parker went to Sophie for advice about her and Hardison. That’s when Sophie nonchalantly uttered the words “early relationship jitters.” Did I miss something? Did Parker and Hardison officially start seeing each other?

At the end of the (awesome) episode, Parker figured out something important regarding her relationship with Hardison. She had just spent the hour thieving around with a guy who was just like her, trying to get him to see how some good can come out of being bad. I must admit there was a little bit of chemistry there, but not nearly as much as the chemistry Parker shares with Hardison. After the con was over, she let Sophie know she realized she didn’t want to be with someone who was just like her. She knew that it would all be much more fun with Hardison, who is completely different from her: “So I guess, same is boring.” Sweet words to hear especially for someone who can’t wait until these two get together (meaning me). Even though it sounds like the hacker and the thief are already a pair.

I just love how Parker’s developing as a person. She’s trying to be slightly normal, going out with her friend from jury duty (or Alice’s friend I should say). She’s constantly asking Sophie for advice and she’s trying to act like a true friend. This evolution has been fascinating to watch. I truly believe that at one point most of her reactions were utterly child-like. But now, she’s matured and I think she’s ready for a relationship with Hardison. Now if the show can just confirm these two are together. Maybe we’ll learn more about it in “The Boys’ Night Out Job.” Pretty please?

EDITOR NOTE: OK, someone clued me into a brief conversation at the end of the Season 4 premiere “The Long Way Down Job.” Parker and Hardison talked about how what they have wasn’t going to be normal. Totally don’t remember that conversation but thanks to clivewarren on Tumblr for this bit of information. I feel much better because I was going crazy wondering when it was going to be official. Sounds like it is but their relationship is on a very, very, very slow trajectory. Now I don’t mind saying I’d like to see a little more of them being together.

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