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Summer Finale Watch: The Closer “Executive Order” 

Photo Credit: TNT

There is a lot at stake tonight: Brenda will hear whether or not she’s been promoted to Chief, she’s being forced to play nice with the FBI on her case, and she has to find a delusional killer before he can blow up (well, nerve gas) thousands of people.

It’s been educational to watch Brenda struggle with what she might lose if she becomes chief. It’s so obvious that her place in this world is as the head of Major Crimes. I’m not even sure her world would make sense if she didn’t have that team to lead. They work so seamlessly now that they don’t even have to speak to communicate. I would have hated seeing the team broken up, although there is still a chance with will happen. Chief Delko can break them up at any time if he wants to.

I enjoyed seeing Brenda and Delko butt heads, then play nice. I’m not sure how the dynamic will change with both Pope and Brenda now reporting to Delko but it will definitely be interesting. Delko can make their lives very hard but I like the inherent drama in that. When Brenda’s up against the wall she gets creative and things gets interesting.

And what about the crime of the week? I thought it was pretty interesting. I like that both the FBI and the Counterterrorism Bureau had the wrong idea bout Kevin Mason and that Brenda figured out that mistake pretty quickly. I like that the coroner was so affected by this job and how Brenda’s team got a print off one of the paramedic’s gloves. I’ve always liked that Brenda’s so intelligent (and is backed up by such a great team) and allows herself to think outside the box. It helps her solve all her cases and close the vast majority of them. I don’t think that brain would work in an administrative position. She needs to be out in the field and in her interview room working the case.

I can’t wait to see what changes will come to the department when the show returns in December.

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