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Reality Fix: The Voice 

Rebecca Loebe. Mitchell Haaseth/NBC
Devon Barley. Photo Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Week Three of the Battle Round

Battle 1: Raquel vs. Julia
Song: Rihanna “Only Girl (In the World)”
Coach: Christina Aguilera
Judgment: Raquel wins
Thoughts: This was just an OK duet for me. I think the girls were a bit nervous but the standout to me was Raquel. Pretty much everyone knew it too. There’s just something about her; she’s this little spitfire with a big voice and an attitude that’s not overbearing, it’s just right. So I’m happy she won despite the fact that she’s the youngest person in this competition.
Representing Team Christina in the Live Round: Raquel Castro, Bev McClellan and Frenchie Davis Battle 2: Dia vs Serabee
Song: The Supremes “You Can’t Hurry Love”
Coach: Blake Shelton
Judgment: Dia wins
Thoughts: Another duet that wasn’t spectacular and through the roof. While I like that Supremes tune, I just don’t think it made for a great battle song, especially with the pair that Blake matched together. They just had wildly different styles and those styles didn’t mesh in the slightest. While I was left a bit cold, I do think Blake chose the right girl. Serabee simply over sang the song. She didn’t listen to Blake’s notes whatsoever. Dia was true to herself. Unfortunately, she’s not the most exciting singer. I think she’ll have a tough go in the live round.
Representing Team Blake in the Live Round: Patrick Thomas, Jared Blake and Dia Frampton

Battle 3: Rebecca vs. Devon
Song: Radiohead “Creep”
Coach: Adam Levine
Judgment: Devon wins
Thoughts: I adore “Creep” and love that Adam selected it. What we got was a weird, wonderful duet that completely worked. I had a hard time making a choice between Rebecca and Devon. I wanted to give Rebecca the edge because she’s just a hair more dynamic than Devon. But there’s something about Devon. He looks like Chicken Little from American Idol, and didn’t really know the song before the battle. But the dude brought it. So I was as torn as Adam. In the end, the Maroon 5 singer chose Devon. I have much love for Cee Lo’s comment about how Devon doesn’t look like his voice. So true.
Representing Team Adam in the Live Round: Devon Barley, Javier Colon and Casey Weston

Battle 4: Tori and Taylor vs. Kelsey
Song: Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten”
Coach: Cee Lo Green
Judgment: Tori and Taylor win
Thoughts: That was a cute, fun performance that I really enjoyed. I am not a big fan of the two-person teams but I think Tori and Taylor did a great job. However, my first inclination was to give the edge to Kelsey. The judges didn’t give Cee Lo too much help: Adam couldn’t pick; Blake chose Kelsey and Christina thought the sisters should prevail. Cee Lo momentarily got emotional in making his decision, but ultimately decided Tori and Taylor should move on to the next round.
Representing Team Cee Lo in the Live Round: Tori and Taylor Thompson, Nakia and Vicci Martinez

Final Thoughts: A couple of the decisions were a little surprising but nothing was shocking or out of the ordinary with this week’s choices. I’m sorry but I’m still getting over losing Tje last week although Nakia really did bring it. I just wish we could have both guys in the live show. Anyway, I really think Cee Lo has a formidable team. So far, his contestants have produced the best duets and most exciting battles. He’s done a great job mentoring them and giving them good feedback. But will someone from his team be named The Voice? I think it’s going to be hard with Javier Colon around but I bet one of his will be there in the finals.

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