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Moment of Goodness

Mad Men’s Moment of Goodness: Don Pays Pete’s Share 

Photo credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

I just had a chance to catch up on last week’s episode in preparation for tonight’s season finale. Although the most shocking moment for me is seeing Bert Cooper quit the firm after Don’s stunt, the moment of goodness comes when Pete learns Don has paid his $50K to help keep the company afloat for six more months.

I’ve always liked the dynamic between these two. At first it was very adversarial. Pete used to feel that Don was keeping Pete from getting a number of things he wanted including a better title and more money. When Pete revealed Don’s secret and still couldn’t get any mileage out of it I think Pete finally realized that he needed to stop looking at Don as the enemy. Now that Pete’s a partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, part of him still feels put out by Don’s secrets. But when Don pays Pete’s share – without Pete even having to ask and with no expectation of Pete paying him back – I think Pete might finally realize just how much Don needs him and respects him.

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