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Moment of Goodness

Modern Family’s Moment of Goodness: Cam’s Hands 

Photo Credit: ABC

It’s Mother’s Day and Cam’s feeling a little touchy about it. He and Mitchell can’t stand it when the straights assume gay’s are like women. They aren’t. After Mitchell makes him breakfast in bed and the ladies at the park give him flowers and call him an honorary mom Cam feels like he has to do something to prove his manhood. He thinks throwing a football “like a man” is going to prove something. All it proves is that he can bean some poor old guy in the noggin. But my favorite moment doesn’t happen until Cam, seeing what he’s done, starts running toward the downed man. Mitchell yells out “hands,” which causes Cam to run in a more manly fashion – hands at his sides rather than up in the air. I laughed. A lot.

Bonus moment: Phil’s expression when he walks back into Jay’s living room with a bottle of red and a bottle of white to see so many people hugging Jay AND Jay allowing it. Awwww. And of course Phil gets in there for the hug he tried to give Jay earlier in the day. Loved it.

Bonus bonus moment: Jay smelling his mother’s sauce before putting it into the refrigerator and it making him tear up. And his reaction to it. I love this show. So much.

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