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Bored to Death “I’ve Been Living Like a Demented God” 

Photo Credit: HBO

If it can work for Ray and Jonathan, I want to make it work for me. What would my impossible/delusional visualization be? I’ve got to make it good…maybe I’ll keep it to myself so it can come true.

Not only does Ray run into Leah (which doesn’t go so well), but he finds out his self-published comic is selling like crazy and he meets a girl. Her name is Trouble. And Jonathan isn’t doing too badly for himself either. He gets himself and Lewis out of trouble with some drug dealers and further visualizes that he’ll be a successful writer, college professor, and detective. Now if he’s truly successful at any of those things I don’t think the show would be as much fun. But I want to see him keep striving for all those goals. His attempt to make them come true should prove quite hilarious. And what about George? I love that he keeps using his cancer to get out of things – last week he used it to make Ray do something and this week he uses it to get out of rehab. He’s kind of an evil genius, no? I mean he’s not really evil or a genius but if he applied himself I think he could be.

My favorite George quote of the night:

“Being a writer isn’t boring and that’s all that counts in life.”

Favorite Louis moment:

Lewis asking Jonathan if he’s a forceps baby.

Second favorite Louis moment:

Lewis calling Jonathan a whore for advertising himself on craigslist.

Favorite drug dealer moment:

They don’t know what a voyeur is or who “tom” of peeping tom is.

Random question:

Why is George living in the Maritime hotel? Was I not paying attention when they gave us a reason? Has he always lived there? I’m confused.

And I need to give a special mention to all the great guest stars visiting the show recently:

Kristen Wiig. I don’t think I need to say anything more.

Kate Micucci. You might recognize her from Scrubs or those Hillshire Farms (go meat!) commercials.

Jessica Hecht. TV loves this woman. She’s been on CSI, Medium, and The Good Wife recently just to name a few.

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