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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Miles vs. Monroe, Revolution “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” 

Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/NBC

After watching the fall finale for NBC’s Revolution, I’ve decided that my favorite aspect of the show is the exploration of the severed friendship between Miles and Monroe. There’s so much history between them and it’s fascinating to learn how they transitioned from bros to foes.

They both seem to struggle with having to do what it takes to win now that the former allies are on opposite sides. After all, Matheson has tried to assassinate Monroe before, but it didn’t take. He couldn’t do it. And it’s clear the General’s men doubt he can actually eliminate Miles permanently — his order to his men was to bring him back alive not dead.

Last week’s episode had one of my favorite moments of the entire season when Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and a serious lack of oxygen ignited an amazing Miles/Bass hallucination scene. It provided a sneak peek into Miles’ mindset — we found out what caused him to abandon the militia and that part of him regrets leaving. On top of that, if Bass offered to take him back, he just might do it. It’s his biggest fear.

Cut to this week when we get an actual Miles/Monroe confrontation. But before that, we see more of the characters’ backstory. Fighting alongside each other five years after the blackout, Miles is wounded but Bass won’t leave his side. Miles was there for a suicidal Sebastian who talked of losing his entire family to a drunk driving accident. We saw how the Monroe Militia symbol was borne — they came up with it when they were kids.

The show has done a good job establishing the bond between these two. So when Miles and Bass come face to face, it doesn’t disappoint. At first they both have guns trained on each other but neither is able to pull the trigger. However, Miles is finally able to denounce Bass signalling an end to their brotherhood:

Miles: “I’m sorry.”
Bass: “It’s OK.”
Miles: “No, I mean, I’m sorry I didn’t kill you the first time. You’re not the same person. You’re too far gone. I see it now. We are not family. Not anymore. I have a family. You…are nothing to me.”

Wow, Miles sure is definitive with Bass. He uses some of the words he said to fake Monroe in his hallucination. And those words are as lethal as any weapon — you can see the pain on Monroe’s face. He’s in shock. But not for too long because soon he was going after his ex-bestie — and the battle begins.

Usually when it takes half a season for two characters to meet, we’re often let down because the moment ends up being anti-climactic. Not this time. The guys know how each other operate. They can anticipate each other’s moves. So the fight portion of the scene is epic. They didn’t take it easy on each other. I’m not going to lie, I think my favorite part is when the two pull out their swords and go for broke. Yeah, Miles versus Monroe is definitely my Moment of Goodness. I love the chemistry between Billy Burke and David Lyons.

NBC’s Revolution ended its fall run on a high note. Although the episode wasn’t without fault. I hate how Neville was taken out of the action when Miles locked him up in a closet with his Lady Macbeth of a wife. Nora wasn’t that much of a factor at all. What I did love was the strengthening of Charlie and Miles’ relationship; Rachel killing Strausser; and the sight of the helicopter taking off with the help of the pendant and the amplification machine Rachel completed. There was also a bit of chemistry going on with Rachel and Miles. Just saying.

Anything can happen next. I’m looking forward to Revolution‘s return. I just wish we didn’t have to wait until March.

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