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Relationship Recap: Hellcats “Beale St. After Dark” 

Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Relationship Recap is a feature dealing with couples on various TV series. We’ll document the drama and the comedy of these pairings especially when they fight, make up, make out or break up. The very first show we’re tracking is the CW’s Hellcats. 

New couple: Savannah & Dan

Savannah and Dan went on their first date but not before the Christian cheerleader had to deal with cold feet. I’m not sure whether Marti was just trying to be a friend or there was a little jealousy involved, but she told Savannah to not go into this whole thing with high expectations since Dan’s a player. Marti may have meant well but I can see why Savannah got freaked and almost cancelled. Savannah’s first secular date turned into a group outing with her fellow Hellcats escorting her to the bar. The vibe between Dan and Savannah was so awkward Louis decided to add alcohol to the situation. Since Savannah’s tolerance for the hard stuff (in this case, Hurricanes) is severely low, the perky cheerleader quickly became annihilated. Unfortunately, the whole evening ended with Lewis and Dan getting in a fight with the tool quarterback of their college’s football team resulting in the new friends spending one night in a holding cell. But that really didn’t matter, because in the morning after Lewis and Dan were released, a hungover Savannah took some initiative and kissed her date. It was sweet even though her next move was to immediately run off so she could go get sick. Disaster of a start but things quickly moved into the realm of cute. I can’t wait to see what happens with Savannah and Dan (Dannah?) next.

Triangle alert: Derrick, Vanessa & Red

So, we’re three episodes in and the character with the most sizzling love life is…Vanessa, coach of the Hellcats. In one corner there’s Derrick Altman, Vanessa’s hot doctor boyfriend (played by the adorable D.B. Woodside of 24 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame); and in the other corner is her super cute ex, Coach Red Raymond (I remember Jeff Hephner from his days on The O.C). Those two share quite the scandalous history considering when they were together she was the student and he was a young coach; and their little dalliance cost him his job. Now he’s back at Lancer and buying Vanessa’s boyfriend a beer; plus the head coach is sending Vanessa flowers she quickly throws out. Thankfully, she does come clean with Derrick. Will revealing the truth hurt her present relationship? I don’t know about you guys, but I think the cheer coach definitely seems affected by Red’s interest in her; meanwhile, Vanessa’s current relationship feels kind of safe. Will she end up playing doctor or playing games with the head coach? I’m not ready to decide whose team I’m rooting for just yet.

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