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Nikita: “Intersection” Game Changer and “Aftermath” Preview [VIDEO] 

Photo credit: Sven Frenzel/The CW
Photo Credit: Sven Frenzel/The CW

In a show like Nikita, fatalities happen all the time. It’s more of a game changer when one of the crew is injured because they have to come back from it, and the pace with which they do or don’t get back up speed affects everybody.

Well, Nikita pulled a whopper of a game change last week in the closing moments of “Intersection,” when Nikita made the life-or-death decision to sever Michael’s hand to get him out from underneath their wrecked car. Michael has evolved over the last two seasons from recruit trainer and second-in-command to a field agent fighting side by side with Nikita, and now we’re going to see him have to adapt to being benched, so to speak.

Shane West has been down this road before, playing a double-amputee on ER, so he’s more than up to the task. I don’t necessarily welcome the personnel remix that will happen by default, but they have such a large cast, and as I’ve bitched before, they don’t all get used equally. So perhaps now they will.

And any shuffle hat keeps Nerd and Michael within snarking distance of each other can’t be all bad. West recently told Huffington Post the biggest upside for him was avoiding the Toronto winter by shooting indoors. I like how he thinks.

Nikita returns tonight at 8/7c with “Aftermath,” and Owen’s back with some choice words for Michael about how he’s coping (or not coping). Here’s a sneak peek:

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