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Hawaii Five-0 “Ko’olauloa (North Shore of O’ahu)” 

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Kono gets a front-and-center arc this week when her surfing mentor and second dad (who covered her medical expenses when she blew out her knee), Ian Adams, is felled by a bullet to the chest during an exhibition surf. The suspects include Kevin Sorbo (ding ding ding) as Carlton Bass, the man’s partner, and Ben Bass (Josh Dallas), Carlton’s son and a former surfing friend of Kono’s.

Kono sits on the sidelines for about a minute and a half before realizing that isn’t going to work, so she sets about pursuing the personal angle. While she’s doing that, the boys work the gang angle because the shot was fired into the water from a much-contested overlook that’s used for hunting wild boar.

Complicating things, Ben is a budding environmentalist who broke ties with Carlton and Ian after a trip to Bali with both men and their company revealed they didn’t practice what they preached as far as preserving the land. Ben has also set up camp in a beach community (where a very wee little boy sings a spot-on “Hey, Soul Sister“ with a ukulele) full of folks essentially squatting on public lands that would be ripe for development if they weren’t occupied .

Kono and Ben spend the day rekindling their friendship, and leaving the door open for more, when the camp is firebombed and Ben scares off the vandals with a rifle. That rifle means Kono has to cart Ben in as a person of interest alongside a couple of goons that McGarrett and Danny have been investigating.

A turn of plot later, we find out that Ian was leaving Ben all his money and he’d tried to reconcile with him. As it happens, Ben is Ian’s biological son—a fact Ben’s mother revealed on her deathbed a year prior. So, Carlton called in the hit, either for money or love—we don’t really get a definitive answer on that, and Kono gets the “book him” order, much to her delight. The episode closes with Kono and Ben joining Ian’s surfers in returning Ian’s ashes to the water in a paddle out memorial.

The boys in general don’t do much this week plotwise, but their banter is intact. They get to strong arm the goons and then hand them off for local island justice. There’s no pickup of the Mary snoop thread from last week, or McGarrett’s lady friend. Danny’s still on the cane, which begets a surf injury joke that he deflects, and McGarrett tells him that his “book him, Danno” slang is a term of endearment.

I was surprised Sorbo was so little used, and in doing so, his casting was pretty much a gieveway he was the baddie. I was glad to see Grace Park act and not just look pretty (which is OK, but the gal has chops—Boomer proved that, so let her show that off, too).

And in case you missed it, the show got its full season last week, so we’re getting 22 episodes this season! Next week, Adam Beach. Yes, please!

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