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Love to Hate ‘Em: Molly Tarlov’s Sadie Saxton on Awkward 

Photo Credit: MTV

This picture alone demonstrates the comic genius that is Molly Tarlov. Now, I will admit to being taken aback and somewhat offended by Sadie when I first met her. I mean, she is so abrasive and so mean. But she is kind of amazing in an extremely evil way and I love that we’ve gotten some insight into her biggest insecurity. And I can’t be the only one who misses her when she’s not around. Right? RIGHT?

What makes Sadie so deliciously evil? Let me count the ways.

1. She hates Jenna and isn’t afraid to tell her how much and often. Some of the words that come out of her mouth are so vitriolic that I have to gasp before I burst out laughing. I know my girl Jenna can take it.

2. Her daddy’s money leads her to believe she’s entitled to do whatever she wants whenever she wants. I know people like this but what makes Sadie different from a truly entitled jerk is she has some serious brains to back it up. I think if she didn’t have any money, she’d be that nerdy girl everyone bullies but also secretly goes to for all the test answers.

3. She’s not afraid of anyone or anything… well, except a scale. I love that there is this one thing she just can’t control no matter how hard she tries. She’s a total Queen Bee and almost everyone bows down to her. But not the scale. It’s got its own mind and she can’t insult it or browbeat it into submission. I like this chink in her armour; it really humanizes her.

I can’t pick just one of my favorite Sadie quotes – there are way too many to choose from – but feel free to share yours.

The season finale of Awkward aired on MTV Sept 27th at 11/10 c.

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