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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Ann’s makeover on America’s Next Top Model 

Photo Credit: The CW

I always find the makeover episode very interesting. I will never be a model but I love changing my look. My hair has been blonde, brown, black, and red. It’s been an inch long and halfway down my back. I love experimenting with makeup and different hairstyles and I would probably give someone like Matthew Preece from Fred Segal my first born for him to make me over. But I do understand that it might be hard to look in the mirror and see someone you don’t recognize. These girls just have to remember that they are there to showcase the clothes and a look. What they think about how they look is not the point.

My favorites in this competition are Kayla and Ann and I loved both of their transformations (check them all out here). It’s funny that Kayla’s girlfriend told her not to come home with red hair. Oh well. But that red hair is amazing on Kayla and she’s rocking it. I really like the longer, softer hair on Ann. For me it kind of softens her awkwardness but not too much. She makes her gawkiness work for her and I’d never want it to completely go away.

I must take a just a moment to talk about Patricia Field. Sometimes I didn’t understand what Carrie Bradshaw was wearing, but it always made me think and talk. I love that Patricia was nominated for an Oscar and she earned that Emmy. Aren’t you loving the guest judges – and photographers – on America’s Next Top Model every week? It’s really quite impressive.


I thought this was an interesting article about reality competitions, and it mention America’s Next Top Model of course. Let me know what you think.

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