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The Vampire Diaries “Ordinary People” 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/CW

In the way that pretty much ONLY this show does, the episode made me surprisingly sympathetic toward Rebekah and revealed what we suspected all along–Klaus really is that awful. It was also a tour de force for Claire Holt. Plus, bonus flashback Elijah. Jumpy claps!

It was a WAY character light episode — no Caroline, Matt, Tyler, Liz, or Carol.

We begin with Alaric and Elena following Damon’s trail in the caves to the Mason almost-reveal from last week that the Originals are really, really, really Original and they’ve been in the New World a long, long, long time. Pictograph style, we get the basics, and Elena has Rebekah fill in the rest. Her family came west to the New World when a plague wiped out her siblings and they settled among a werewolf clan, with whom they lived peaceably until Klaus and the youngest brother snuck out on the full moon and the younger brother was munchable.

Cut to Mikael losing his sh-t and trying to get a witch’s buy-in on a cure but failing until he talks his wife, also a witch, into helping him turn himself and his children into vampires so they can never be preyed upon. She grudgingly agrees and he stabs and turns them and then their mother is killed, supposedly by Mikael. Elena sorts out the truth that it was actually Klaus and unloads that little tidbit all over Rebekah (who, with Elijah, had pledged never to leave Klaus) and it’s just the ticket to taking her out at the knees.

On the Salvatore front, Damon defies Elena’s strict instructions and frees Stefan for a night of swilling whiskey and waitresses and a run-in with Mikael. I’m not sure there was a reason other than to remind Stefan that Damon is a good time, Coyote Ugly style and to refresh Stefan on his humanity, which we find out because he tells Mikael he knows how to get Klaus back to Mystic Falls when Mikael nearly kills Damon.

After Elena’s set the stage for Rebekah to help bring down Klaus, too, she goes home to fall in bed and finds Damon reclining on one of her pillows. She gets in bed alongside him anyway (she under the covers, he above) and they pillow talk that she knows if and when Stefan comes around, it’ll be because he loves Damon, not her.

Other little learned tidbits: the necklace is still intact, even though smoking it returned the ghosts to their resting place, it wasn’t destroyed, and it bears the mark of the witch shown in the cave pictographs. The white oak was a beloved tree that the Originals realized could end their vampdom, so the family burned it to the ground, and that’s the same ash that can still take them out.

So the stage is set to write out Klaus but I’m not overly confident we’ll get there. I did appreciate the very extravagant backstory, and the way it bookended the version of history that Elijah told Elena last year. Still no word on Katherine. Hmmm.

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